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Can CPUT withhold a student's academic result while student debt is being paid off?

The short answer

CPUT rules say exam results will be withheld if fees have not been paid by due date.

The whole question

Can CPUT withhold the academic results of my son, when we are paying monthly to settle the account?

He wants to complete his degree at Unisa, and requires his results to complete his application.

Do we have recourse to assist with getting his results?

The long answer

Thank you for your email asking whether CPUT can withhold your son’s academic results while you are paying off the student debt monthly.

It looks as if they can withhold academic results until the outstanding fees are settled in full.

The CPUT 2019 booklet on fees says in point 1.3.7 that a student’s final exam results will be withheld if fees have not been paid by the due date.

CPUT also says that in case of financial difficulties, the payment arrangements which have been agreed in writing, only serve to facilitate access to registration and commitment to settle the outstanding debt. This, they say, does not include the release of academic results, transcripts or certificates unless the account is paid in full.

Although it doesn’t look too hopeful, it may be worthwhile to arrange an appointment with the Fees Office, so that you can explain personally about your son needing his interim results in order to enrol with Unisa.

Answered on April 24, 2019, 6:04 p.m.

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