Rough diamonds - part three: “If we could work legally, we wouldn’t break the law”

Department of Mineral Resources criticised for its handling of mining disaster

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Feature | 29 June 2016

Rough diamonds - part two: “We held onto De Beers, but De Beers drifted away”

Unemployment in Namaqualand still fuels illicit mining today

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Feature | 28 June 2016

Rough diamonds - part one: Ten dead men

A desperate quest in a makeshift mine leads to tragedy

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Feature | 27 June 2016

Silicosis case: Limited leave to appeal granted

On Friday afternoon, the Gauteng High Court ruled on the request to appeal by mining companies in the silicosis class action judgment.


Brief | 25 June 2016

Mining companies appeal silicosis judgment

"We think this is an attempt to frustrate and delay, and characteristic of what they've been doing," says lawyer for mineworkers


Brief | 3 June 2016

No mining in Xolobeni, demand activists

Protests against Australian company in Cape Town and Perth

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Brief | 25 May 2016

Understanding the silicosis judgment

Hundreds of thousands of families could benefit from the class action lawsuit that can now take place


Analysis | 16 May 2016

Silicosis: miners win case for class certification

Obstacles remain before sick miners receive compensation but this is an important victory for them


News | 13 May 2016

At last, police are taking Xolobeni violence seriously, says activist

Amadiba Crisis Committee secretary “happy with progress”


News | 11 April 2016

Kimberley businesses furious with multinational diamond mining company

They accuse Petra Diamonds of overlooking them for all but small contracts


News | 8 April 2016

Assassinated anti-mining activist knew his life was in danger

Struggle against mining in Xolobeni will continue, promises Nonhle Mbuthuma


Feature | 29 March 2016

Leaders battle over community’s R26 billion wealth

The fight for the soul of the Bakgatla Ba-Kgafela


Opinion | 14 March 2016

Alternative Mining Indaba: a response to Christopher Rutledge

The recent flurry of post Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI) articles have had their moment of fame until next year, but the discussion is welcomed as it raises at least two valid points – raised by others over the recent past. One persistent criticism is that of the diminished voices at the Alternative Mining Indaba. The mining communities are the centre of work and we note that, as we write, the people of Xolobeni are waging a life and death struggle against the mining-energy–industrial complex. Sadly, this situation has been fuelled by the deliberately inept Department of Mineral Resources (DMR).

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Right to reply | 23 February 2016

Community voices muted at Alternative Mining Indaba

By giving corporations a bigger stake, the people affected by mining are being marginalised


Opinion | 18 February 2016

Wild Coast battle to save land from mining

We will die for our land, say angry Xolobeni villagers as dune mining looms

Text by Tariro Washinyira. Photos by Paul Botes (with permission of the Mail & Guardian)

News | 12 February 2016

Court case exposes violence in Wild Coast mining dispute

Four men accused of assaulting residents of the Amadiba coastal area were released on R2,000 bail each yesterday at the Mbizana Magistrates’ Court.


News | 12 January 2016