Photographing an eviction in Cape Town

I placed a GoPro on my camera to show what’s happening from a photographer’s perspective

By Ashraf Hendricks

29 February 2024

My name is Ashraf Hendricks. I’m a photojournalist in Cape Town.

A few years ago homeless people started moving on to a plot of land in Green Point, a wealthy suburb in Cape Town, South Africa.

On Monday 19 February 2024, the sheriff of the High Court executed an eviction order against the homeless people.

Read more on the eviction here.

I received a tip-off that they would be evicted on Thursday.

In this video, I placed an action camera (GoPro) on top of my camera. All the sound was recorded onto the GoPro, including the clicking of my camera. Over an hour of footage was recorded, but it has been shortened to under five minutes.