Articles by GroundUp correspondent

An interview with Hopewell Chin’ono

Journalist says reporters in Zimbabwe live in fear of arrest


17 August 2021

Two brothers, accused of stealing shack roofing, burnt to death

Mounting number of people murdered by vigilantes in Port Elizabeth informal settlement


22 February 2021

Man burnt to death for stealing a cellphone

Second man in a month to be killed in mob justice in PE informal settlement


3 February 2021

Zimbabweans too intimidated to speak out, even in South Africa

“Government monitors social media. I am scared if I make negative comments, I would get blacklisted and not get my passport.”


19 August 2019

RDP house on sale for R1.7 million

Risky purchase says property consultant


25 February 2019

Home Affairs reopens refugee office it closed in 2011

“The courts had spoken. We had to do it,” says Deputy Minister of Home Affairs


22 October 2018

Violence in Harare: an eye-witness account

“You can vote for MDC all you want but there is nothing you can do”


2 August 2018

Harare’s poorest residents vote in fear

“We live in a pool of faeces. Yet they want to control who we vote for.”


31 July 2018

Panic buying in Zimbabwe

Bond note currency blamed for crisis


26 September 2017

Rocky road ahead for minerals bill

Plethora of criticisms of the bill before Parliament, as well as procedural problems


14 June 2017

Smuggling tyres across the Zimbabwean border

Zimbabwean men in Musina have to bribe immigration officials to make a meagre living


7 February 2017