Articles by Joseph Chirume

Union and nurses demand staff be isolated while awaiting Covid-19 test results

Health department appeals to Eastern Cape clinic staff to return to work

By Joseph Chirume - 13 May 2020
Photo of protesters

Staff picket over plan to convert TB hospital to treat Covid-19

Emergency medical services and unions say personal protective equipment is in short supply

By Joseph Chirume - 8 May 2020
Photo of protesting workers

Covid-19: Lear Corporation workers protest after being put on short-time

Company has apparently applied for TERS funding but employees have not been paid this yet

By Joseph Chirume - 7 May 2020
Photo of an informal settlement

500 households in Empumelelweni have no toilets

Ward councillor says she didn’t know of the settlement

By Joseph Chirume - 7 May 2020
Photo of a Zim passport

Covid-19: Zimbabwean nationals ask to be repatriated

Consul General says the embassy is compiling a list of people willing to return to Zimbabwe

By Joseph Chirume - 22 April 2020
Photo of two people in front of a temporary house

Relocated fire victims made unwelcome by PE homeowners

“We have suffered enough in the hall and now they want to finish us off here”

By Joseph Chirume - 19 April 2020
Photo of a group of people in a hall

Covid-19: Homeless in PE ask what will happen after the lockdown is lifted

“We can’t just let them go back to the streets like that” says social development MEC

By Joseph Chirume - 17 April 2020
Photo of woman holding cow feet

Covid-19: Domestic worker gives away nearly half her salary

Desperate immigrants helped during lockdown

By Joseph Chirume - 16 April 2020
Photo of people picking up food parcels

Covid-19: Protest action threatened as informal traders receive “preferential” treatment

Some PE residents angry over food parcel distribution to hawkers

By Joseph Chirume - 10 April 2020
Photo of Powerline toilet

Covid-19: Informal settlement gets long-awaited toilets

“The municipality should not wait to act when there are pandemics like [Covid-19] to provide residents with basic services” says PE resident

By Joseph Chirume - 6 April 2020
Photo of boys playing soccer

Covid-19: Busy roads, long queues and children playing in the streets of Port Elizabeth

Pensioners queue among mass of shoppers to collect social grants

By Joseph Chirume and Mkhuseli Sizani - 30 March 2020
Photo of ruins

Hundreds of incomplete RDP homes left to rot

National and provincial human settlements departments say NU29 housing project is responsibility of the municipality

By Joseph Chirume - 30 March 2020
Photo of a muddy street with grass growing in the middle of it

Raw sewage flowing since October from broken pipe in PE

Residents say they have repeatedly reported the issue, but municipal workers never come

By Joseph Chirume - 24 March 2020
Photo of protesters

Informal settlements rise up against municipality’s “lies”

Roads blocked and cars stoned

By Joseph Chirume - 20 March 2020
Photo of university building

Covid-19: Universities across the country close

Students asked to vacate residences at UCT

By Ashraf Hendricks and Joseph Chirume - 17 March 2020
Photo of a man with big bales of plastic

Pensioner helps himself and his neighbourhood by recycling from illegal dumps

“The illegal dumping sites are a nuisance to our health and to the environment,” says PE resident Ntsokolo Konzapi

By Joseph Chirume - 13 March 2020