Articles by Kim Reynolds

Law change will make it illegal to charge for adoption services

Organisations are concerned the number of adoptions will decline


8 February 2019

Khayelitsha clinic saves lives of our best friends

Mdzananda Animal Clinic treats nearly 700 animals a month

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1 February 2019

High Court judge accused of “impeachable conduct”

#UniteBehind has lodged a complaint against Judge Tintswalo Annah Nana Makhubele with the JSC


25 January 2019

Thousands of learners still don’t have transport to school

Equal Education calls for change in funding


18 January 2019

New social grant for families

Deadline approaches for key amendments to foster care grants


14 December 2018

Slight improvement in backlog at Western Cape High Court

But 16 judgments have been outstanding for at least six months


13 December 2018

Public Works workers demand permanent employment

Protesters demand insourcing, permanent jobs, and trade union representation


29 November 2018

Herzlia alumni “condemn” punishment of students who protested

Letter of support written for two learners that knelt during the Israeli national anthem


19 November 2018

Learners take a knee during Israeli national anthem

Herzlia School says the two students face “disciplinary and educational” consequences


14 November 2018

Corruption Watch announces project to hold police accountable

New website will allow people to report police corruption


8 November 2018

Police and MPs blame immigrants, unemployment, gangs, and each other for crime

Much grandstanding, little substance in Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Police hearing

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30 October 2018

Court blocks activist event in Woodstock

City of Cape Town brought an urgent application against Reclaim the City


27 October 2018

Major precedent set for communities affected by mining

Constitutional Court judge quotes Fanon: to “strip someone of their source of livelihood, then you strip them of their dignity too”


26 October 2018

Mayhem in Atlantis over building of community hall

Rubber bullets fired and shop looted

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18 October 2018

Human rights lawyer charged for pointing his finger at policeman

Richard Spoor charged under apartheid era Transkei penal code


15 October 2018

The long wait for a foster care grant

Newcastle man has waited more than a year for a grant for a child in his care

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12 October 2018