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Nearly everyone in South Africa has Covid antibodies, study shows

Survey of blood donors in March finds 98% of adults are either vaccinated, previously infected or both


Science | 27 May 2022

We can beat unemployment through state jobs schemes, says former Treasury official

South Africa can afford a much bigger public employment programme, argues top economist


News | 25 May 2022

Fresh air and better houses are weapons in the fight against TB

The disease has been rare in rich countries for 50 years, and one reason is decent housing


Science | 10 May 2022

This vaccine could save tens of thousands of South African lives each year, but we’ll only see it in 2030

Vaccines against TB are much slower to develop than Covid ones


Science | 9 May 2022

Embarrassing court defeat for PRASA

Judge rules that agency defamed Pearl Munthali


Law | 20 April 2022

Yashoda Ram, NUMSA’s insurance company’s curious curator

Why did she suddenly change her mind about 3Sixty Life’s future?


Feature | 1 April 2022

Cape Town suburb tries new approach to homelessness

The Devil’s Peak Vredehoek Outreach programme takes a new look at a chronic problem


News | 24 March 2022

Auditor accused 3Sixty managers of “constructing evidence”

3Sixty Life: a lesson in how not to run a company, part two


News | 14 March 2022

How NUMSA’s life insurer went insolvent

3Sixty Life: a lesson in how not to run a company, part one


News | 10 March 2022

Millions of rands siphoned from NUMSA’s insurance company, report shows

3Sixty Life, currently under curatorship, made huge loans which haven’t been repaid


News | 4 March 2022

Irvin Jim’s birthday party paid for by embattled life insurer

Report finds 3Sixty Life, now in curatorship, used as “treasurer” for NUMSA-owned companies


News | 1 March 2022

Cape Town Central Line to return to service in December, says PRASA

Western Cape Parliament told PRASA is stabilising


News | 24 February 2022

PRASA dropped by lawyers as billion-rand corruption deal appeal looms

Siyangena has appealed against the court judgment setting aside its contracts


News | 9 February 2022

Covid-19: How South Africa differs from the rest of the continent

Deaths have been massively underestimated in Africa

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Science | 19 January 2022

Western Cape study shows why Omicron wave caused less death

High rates of vaccination, past infections and the variant itself helped suppress deaths and hospitalisations


Science | 14 January 2022