Covid-19 Report

A woman with HIV took over 200 days to clear her Covid infection. Here’s why researchers are worried

A case study suggests that people with HIV should be prioritised for Covid vaccination


10 July 2021

Covid-19 Report 7: Life-saving drug is good news but no time to pop champagne

Also: Four suggestions for improving peer review, and South African death data

GroundUp and Spotlight staff

18 June 2020

Covid-19 Report 6: What does herd immunity mean for South Africa?

Also: Are schools safe? Hydroxychloroquine does not prevent Covid-19. And more

GroundUp and Spotlight staff

4 June 2020

Covid-19 Report 5: Spike in Cape Town natural deaths

Vaccine makes it through first hurdle, setback for antibody tests, and much more in our latest issue

GroundUp and Spotlight staff

27 May 2020

Covid-19 Report 4: Massive UK analysis of deaths from virus

And a Spanish study suggests what the real infection death rate is

GroundUp and Spotlight staff

20 May 2020

Covid-19 Report 3: Promising new tests, but hydroxychloroquine disappoints

And how Tygerberg Hospital ICU doctors are managing patients

GroundUp and Spotlight staff

12 May 2020

Covid-19 Report 2: Questions that don’t yet have answers

Modest benefit for new drug and useful data from the NICD

GroundUp and Spotlight staff

4 May 2020

Covid-19 Report 1: Understanding the most important science of the past week

We introduce a new occasional column to help make sense of the science

GroundUp and Spotlight staff

28 April 2020