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Why does the online Housing Subsidy Portal say that my ID is not found even though I applied in 2015?

The short answer

It could mean that the application was withdrawn by the municipality.

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Dear Athalie

When I tried to check the status of my 2015 RDP housing application on the online Housing Subsidy Portal, it gives me a message saying that my ID does not exist. What does this mean?

The long answer

A social housing application can only be withdrawn with the approval of the applicant. This is what the government housing website says about the reasons for withdrawal of an application:

“The withdrawal of a beneficiary must be required by some circumstances or event. Remember that an approved subsidy application represents a legal agreement and even the estate of a beneficiary who died in the process just after approval of the application can institute a claim for performance in terms of this agreement. So once again there must be good reason and concurrence by both parties to the contract before such a step can take place. The question is what reason may exist for such a step? Promotion to another work location before the handing over of the house, divorce and/or marriage failure before handing over of the house, although both parties may have a claim against the property, etc.”

It also says:

“Applicants withdrawn and declined cannot be re–instated for editing and searches. A new subsidy application form must be completed and captured on HSS for processing.”

Perhaps you could take all the evidence you have from your original application and go back to the office where you made your RDP application in 2015, and ask them to check and tell you what the ID number was that they submitted, and ask them to assist you to find out why your application does not seem to have been registered, or if it could have been withdrawn without your consent.

If they have to submit a new application, they must explain how the six years you have spent waiting will be dealt with. Be sure to get the name of the municipal official you spoke to, and be sure that the official understands that you will have to take it further and make a complaint if you do not receive assistance.

If they are unhelpful, you could make an affidavit describing your original application in 2015 – which offices, names of personnel if you know them – and how it seems not to have been registered, or it has been withdrawn without your consent, and that the municipal office has not assisted you. Again you would need to name the offices, time and date of visit, the name of whom you spoke to, and take this to the MEC for Human Settlements, asking them to intervene.

Here are the numbers of the different provincial housing departments:

  • Housing Enquiries Hotline: 0800 146 873

  • Gauteng: 011 355 4000

  • Western Cape: 079 769 1207 (Please Call Me)

  • Eastern Cape: 043 711 9901/2/3

  • KwaZulu Natal: 033 392 6400 or 033 3365300

  • North West: 018 388 5403

  • Limpopo: 015 284 5000

  • Northern Cape: 053 830 9422

  • Free State: 051 405 3883

  • Mpumalanga: 013 766 6087

You could also ask an organisation like the Black Sash for free paralegal advice. These are their details: 

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Answered on Nov. 26, 2021, 1:38 p.m.

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