Two years later, still no action on police assault

Witnesses yet to be interviewed


News | 26 July 2016

Abuse of sex workers by police rife

Women’s Legal Centre details hundreds of cases of rape, assault, harassment and unlawful arrest


News | 22 July 2016

Man stuck with R98,000 hospital bill after police shooting

Investigation into 2005 incident still incomplete


News | 8 July 2016

No justice for Patrick Sobutyu two years after he was shot by police

Neither IPID nor SAPS has finished investigation


News | 1 July 2016

Student wants answers following alleged police assault

Unclear if proper investigation has taken place


News | 27 May 2016

Man taken to court after he films alleged police brutality

Saps watchdog recommends prosecution of constable


News | 18 May 2016

Police watchdogs are “outright liars”

No evidence of IPID investigation into assaults witnessed by Eduard Grebe


News | 13 April 2016

1960s pass law protests commemorated in city

Symbolic march led by Philip Kgosana


Brief | 30 March 2016

Protesters condemn “apartheid-style” harassment of student activist

Police say that one of the best detectives is investigating the case


Brief | 4 March 2016

Eduard Grebe’s allegations against police have not been investigated

Further reports of police brutality surface


News | 21 January 2016

Rastafarians protest against police brutality

An article by Eduard Grebe highlighting police brutality spurred the Cape Town Rastafarian community to protest outside Woodstock Police Station today.


News | 14 January 2016

I was jailed for filming a police assault

How the cops locked me up for trying to stop police brutality and then carried out an even more vicious beating in front of me.


News | 8 January 2016

“The police & I”: a sex worker’s story

Richard is a 38-year-old, gay male sex worker. He was born in East London and has been based in Cape Town since 1999. He has been in “the business” (the sex work industry) for over 20 years.

Jonathan Dockney

News | 6 August 2013