Articles by Tania Broughton

Judges told to apologise for taking too long over judgments

“We are unanimous that the gravity of their misconduct demands that we impose a sanction,” says Judicial Services Commission


18 January 2021

Corporal punishment: Two mothers take teachers’ organisation to court

Teachers who admitted to beatings receive “shockingly lenient” sentences


13 January 2021

Court setback for Special Investigating Unit’s bid to recover money

The unit claimed that the state attorney had not done its job properly in a medical negligence case


10 December 2020

Supreme Court tears into KZN judge

Four-year delay in delivering judgment was “an unconscionable dereliction of duty”


9 December 2020

Concourt gives prison watchdog more independence

But the CEO of the Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services can still be disciplined by the Justice Department


7 December 2020

High Court suspends measures against asylum seekers

The provisions left many asylum seekers vulnerable to being deported to countries where they would face persecution or threats to their lives


2 December 2020

Granny was the “true parent”, court rules in inheritance case

Child’s grandmother will share in child’s R15-million estate, not his father


25 November 2020

Crucial case on legality of shack demolitions starts

Judges will rule whether a court order must be sought in all cases


24 November 2020

Constitutional Court victory for domestic workers

They are now covered for claims for work-related injuries, illnesses and death retrospectively to 27 April 1994


19 November 2020

In damning judgment, court calls for Road Accident Fund to be liquidated

RAF officials and attorneys told Judge Denise Fisher that cases were settled, but she smelt a rat


17 November 2020

Court warns government against short cut tender processes

Judge says it was illegal to use settlement agreements to avoid tender procurement laws


13 November 2020

Must government provide flush toilets to informal settlements? A court case may answer this

Residents in Langaville say temporary sanitation measure is being misused as a permanent solution


6 November 2020

Can you smoke dagga before work?

A CCMA ruling suggests you can so long as it doesn’t impair your performance


2 November 2020

Court order has big implications for land expropriation

Municipality must return land to 84-year-old pensioner because it didn’t obtain his consent, suggesting that parts of the Expropriation Act are unconstitutional


23 October 2020

Gauteng court paralysis blamed on security breach

Parliament raises concerns about the Office of the Chief Justice


14 October 2020

Desperate message from senior judge shows court system is breaking down

No telephones, no internet, no wifi, no emails and not enough judges. This is reportedly the current situation at the Pretoria High Court


9 October 2020