Articles by James Stent

Funders of African health research are excluding Africans, say scientists

African scientists call on funders to “decolonise global health”


15 April 2021

Rail regulator CEO suffers court defeat: company secretary must be reinstated

Leave to appeal Labour Court judgment dismissed


15 April 2021

Ugly battle over social housing in Cape Town

Former employees of Communicare, dismissed for fraud, go to court to oppose evictions


12 April 2021

Railway regulator CEO and board at war with each other

Battle lines drawn over dismissal of company secretary, who has been reinstated by the Labour Court


6 April 2021

Primedia beats PRASA in decade-long court case

“Improper conduct” from company owned by Roy Moodley’s son


30 March 2021

Three more ousted PRASA execs to return to work in April

Court tells the rail agency to pay legal costs


19 March 2021

Court slams City of Cape Town for barring access to homeless camp

Judge Desai found that South African Human Rights Commission monitors trying to enter the site were acting lawfully


17 March 2021

Three PRASA executives were sacked for poor performance. Now the rail agency is bringing them back

But PRASA is appealing the Labour Court’s order to reinstate three executives


11 March 2021

PRASA’s new boss too old to take up the role

The rail agency’s policy dictates that employees should retire at 63. Zolani Matthews is 64


5 March 2021

MPs blast PRASA for inaction

“Gobsmacked by the clear lack of urgency”


3 March 2021

Three more PRASA executives reinstated by Labour Court

Martha Ngoye and her colleagues win court battle


2 March 2021

Labour Court orders PRASA to reinstate fired exec

Rail agency’s actions “shockingly malicious and inhumane” says judge


25 February 2021

Swifambo’s Mashaba defies Zondo Commission

Zondo orders criminal charges to be laid, warns of legal chaos


24 February 2021

Covid-19: Regulatory delays cost South Africa vital pandemic information

Here is why the blood donor seroprevalence results from five provinces are not available


19 February 2021

R45-million victory for PRASA

In a decision that vindicates Martha Ngoye, an arbitrator has ordered SA Fence and Gate to pay back the money


12 February 2021

So who really is on the PRASA board?

Confusion over Department of Transport representative as CEO appears to contradict chair of board


10 February 2021