etv: emails show who really runs the show

A credibility crisis in South Africa’s independent media is unfolding this week, writes Patrick Bond.

Patrick Bond

Analysis | 28 October 2014

Government Adjusts the Budget: Why it Matters for Service Delivery

The Adjustment Budget got very little coverage last week, but it is vital to understand it, explain Carlene van der Westhuizen and Thokozile Madonko.

Carlene van der Westhuizen and Thokozile Madonko

Analysis | 27 October 2014

Media reports on protest action lack depth and context — media monitor

Palls of thick smoke hung over the N2 mid-September 2014, after protesters from the farming town of Grabouw, some 20 kilometres from Gordon’s Bay, barricaded the national highway with burning tyres. Rubber bullets flew and canisters of teargas exploded as the police met protesters head on.

Mandy de Waal

Analysis | 30 September 2014

SANDF court ruling victory for rule of law

When the high court upheld an application by Andiswe Dwenga against the defence force last week, it wasn’t just a victory for HIV activists: it was also a victory for the rule of law.

Carmel Rickard

Analysis | 29 September 2014

How Nedbank took the Radebes’ house and how they won it back again

On Thursday in the Gauteng High Court, judgment was given in a matter dealing with reverse mortgage schemes. These schemes have proliferated over the last few years as people with poor credit records seek out companies that are willing to lend them money regardless of their blacklisted status.

Claire Martens

Analysis | 26 September 2014

Gaza, Israel and South Africa’s edge of reason

Photos of South Africa's national schools debate team wearing keffiyehs and pins with the Palestinian flag fuelled a hurricane of social media hate earlier in August 2014. Mandy de Waal interviewed members of the team and considers what can be learned from that perfect storm.

Mandy de Waal

Analysis | 27 August 2014

Someone needs to stop SANRAL

The SA National Roads Agency, already under investigation after the brutal eviction of Lwandle residents from SANRAL land in June, is facing furious residents from six Eastern Cape villages who are adamant they were misled about the new Wild Coast toll road, writes Mzamo Dlamini.

Mzamo Dlamini

Analysis | 8 August 2014

Arms Deal: seven facts that aren’t going away

A recurring line from those trying to dismiss allegations of corruption in the Arms Deal is: “Show us the evidence.”

Anine Kriegler

Analysis | 29 July 2014

Astonishing cost of Angy Peter trial sheds light on price of justice

After five months of sitting trial, Angy Peter and her husband Isaac Mbadu have yet to receive a verdict. In the process, they’ve racked up over R1.6 million in lawyer fees, according to the Social Justice Coalition (SJC).

Lara Sokoloff

Analysis | 23 July 2014

Are editors crushing news of SA’s socialist dawn?

Activist-cum-political contender Mametlwe Sebei says news editors are actively excluding socialist issues from the public discourse. Jane Duncan of Rhodes says editors squash or are threatened by socialist ideas. Mandy de Waal looked into their claims.

Mandy de Waal

Analysis | 10 July 2014

Who won the platinum strike? The figures speak

After the historic five-month long platinum strike, mineworkers and corporate executives are retreating to their tin shacks and BMWs respectively. The country is left wondering: who won?
What the increases mean for the lives of the workers and the fortunes of the platinum producers is difficult to quantify. However, it is possible to compare the implications – for workers and company costs – of the various offers, demands and the final settlement.

Gilad Isaacs

Analysis | 26 June 2014

Rica in South Africa: How big is Big Brother?

How serious is state surveillance of telephone calls in South Africa? The problem is we don't know, writes Right2Know's Murray Hunter.

Murray Hunter

Analysis | 13 June 2014

Why is there such great demand for illegal abortions?

Why are illegal abortions so widely advertised and used in South Africa? Ruth Atkinson has been investigating. She shares some of her insights here.

Ruth Atkinson

Analysis | 10 June 2014

Three infants die from polluted water in Northwest: Justice must be done

In early April 2014, violent service delivery protests erupted at Boitumelong at Bloemhof in Northwest. Residents, accusing Lekwa Teemane municipality councillors of corruption, maladministration and nepotism, torched the house of the mayor and demanded the municipality to be disbanded.

Melissa Fourie

Analysis | 9 June 2014

A brief history of May Day

The basic demand of May Day was for an eight-hour working day —eight for work, eight for leisure and eight for sleep. It is something we still have to achieve, not just in South Africa, but in many other countries.

Terry Bell

Analysis | 1 May 2014

Dalindyebo, the DA’s kingmaker

In the Eastern Cape, the Democratic Alliance is in bed with a despot convicted of homicide, attempted murder, kidnapping, arson and a range of other heinous crimes. Mandy de Waal asks whether the opposition is wise to hug a tyrant close to its breast, in the hope of defeating the ANC.

Mandy de Waal

Analysis | 22 April 2014