Opinion and Analysis

The lawyers and auditors who cashed in on corruption at PRASA

Audit firm to be investigated by regulator

By Ra'eesa Pather and Qiqa Nkomo for Open Secrets

Analysis | 20 March 2024

The looters living it up from PRASA millions

Makhensa Mabunda and Auswell Mashaba were at the heart of the corrupt deals

By Ra'eesa Pather and Qiqa Nkomo for Open Secrets

Analysis | 18 March 2024

The European company that profited from corruption at PRASA

Vossloh made R1.8-billion from a dodgy deal and has not paid back a cent

Ra'eesa Pather and Qiqa Nkomo for Open Secrets

Analysis | 14 March 2024

Rescue on the beach: Easy-to-use devices placed on popular beaches could save lives

Automated External Defibrillators and simple airway devices can be used by bystanders to help victims of cardiac arrest and drowning


Opinion | 29 February 2024

Two people are killed in gang violence in the Western Cape every day

At least 74 were bystanders


Opinion | 8 February 2024

Why is Jacob Zuma attacking queer people?

Former president puts tribal patriarchy ahead of our human rights


Opinion | 31 January 2024

No sign of accountability for Thabo Bester’s escape

Eight months since the highly publicised Parliamentary hearing, little action has been taken by Parliament or Correctional Services

By and

Analysis | 11 December 2023

The EU protects its companies from Big Pharma. South Africa needs to do the same

Critical work being done by local scientists is at risk


Opinion | 7 December 2023

Learning from Israel’s past Gaza Strip invasions

“A political resolution that addresses the roots of the conflict is the only way to defend Israel’s borders and citizens” writes a former Israeli soldier


Analysis | 19 November 2023

Police brutality is a big problem. Here’s how to change the law to fix it

But amending the law will not be enough. Police leadership must commit to addressing brutality.

By and

Opinion | 7 November 2023

Coalition governments are here to stay. Here are proposals for making them work better

But even with the best proposals, without a shift in political culture coalition governments will be unstable


Opinion | 6 November 2023

Community policing forums should be holding police accountable

CPFs are not just there to help cops do their jobs


Opinion | 3 November 2023

Tshwane must stop violating Hammanskraal residents’ rights

Following the cholera outbreak in Hammanskraal, the City needs to comply with the Public Protector’s orders


Opinion | 3 November 2023

Insult to injury: will there be any justice for District Six families?

Six families ask the state to expropriate their homes to avoid eviction


Opinion | 2 November 2023