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What can I do if a credit provider does not deduct the agreed amount?

The short answer

You can file a complaint with the credit ombud but you must first notify the credit provider and give them 20 days to fix it.

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Dear Athalie

I borrowed R1,200 from a National Credit Regulator (NCR) credit provider. They agreed to deduct two payments over two months from my SASSA grant. However, at the end of the month, I saw that they had deducted both payments in one month, and I was left with R400, which was not enough to pay my rent and buy food.

The long answer

To deduct two months' repayments in one month from your SASSA grant was a cruel and irresponsible act. The Constitution says that all administrative action must be lawful, reasonable, and procedurally fair, and you should lodge a complaint about it.

The credit ombud says that before you file a complaint, you need to take it up with the credit provider and give them 20 days to put it right. You should remember the names of the people you speak to and the dates you spoke to them, as the NCR will need this information. After that, you can file a complaint against the credit provider with the NCR. These are the NCR’s contact details:

Your complaint would probably fall under the heading of “a dispute about the terms of the agreement” as they agreed to deduct it over two months but failed to do so. 

You could also approach The Black Sash which has a great deal of experience with illegal deductions from social grants for help and free paralegal advice:

These are their contact details:

Wishing you the best,

Answered on Feb. 2, 2024, 1:41 p.m.

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