Target # 199

26 September 2022

Clue: Bearer of the previous target's "vision in a dream". Also wrote about sailors with large sea birds hung from their necks.

i r o
c g e
l e d

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Make words of at least four letters using the grid letters at most once.
The centre letter must be in every word.
There's one nine-letter word.
There are no plurals or proper nouns, except possibly for the nine-letter word. The nine-letter word always has a South African flavour. (Yeah we know, this one isn't very South African - but the answer was in the target setter's school syllabus, which is close enough for us.)
Words are drawn from our dictionary which has about 100,000 words.
You can either type the letters or click on them. To delete a letter use the backspace key or click it again.