Please don’t kill us, say people with albinism

"Our bodies do not cure anything"


Brief | 7 July 2016

SASSA criminal charges against Net1 frozen

Court hearing set for October


Brief | 29 June 2016

I cry every month for my money, says pensioner

SASSA files criminal charges in bid to stop deductions from social grants


News | 21 June 2016

Minister wins battle with Lion

Insurance company backs down in battle over deductions from social grants


News | 26 May 2016

Refugees face social grant barrier

SASSA is turning us away, say families


News | 19 May 2016

Social grants: deductions are getting out of hand, says Black Sash

Sassa’s solution isn’t working


News | 15 March 2016

Sassa shows “contempt” for poor - Social Development

Government institutions clash in public


News | 7 March 2016

Budget: Pensioners and children will be poorer

Social grant increases are below inflation


Analysis | 25 February 2016

Sassa system to refund unauthorised debits “not working”

An 88-year-old Nyanga resident has had over R2,400 deducted from his pension since April last year for a loan he says he never made.


News | 19 January 2016

Security guards accused of bribery

Social grant recipients say they have to pay to get to front of queue.


News | 18 January 2016

Spotlight on social grants: How the system works

It’s 6:30am on a cold Wednesday morning and about 50 people, mostly women with babies, are already queuing outside the South African Social Security Agency office in the Delft library to apply for their child support grants.

GroundUp Staff

Feature | 7 October 2015