Articles by Selby Nomnganga

Upington residents battle to get to vaccination site

Taxi fare is too high for some to afford


9 June 2021

Upington municipality breaks promise to protesters

Dawid Kruiper mayor and speaker “not available” for promised council meeting


10 December 2020

Upington coalition demands water, toilets and cheaper electricity

Municipality promises to hold special meeting


30 November 2020

Covid-19: Fake news costs workers their wages

Workers from so-called “hotspot” told to stay home


23 June 2020

School for disabled battles to stay open

Seven teachers resign at Oasis centre in Upington


6 March 2020

Former “Upington 26” prisoner remembered

Ivan Kazi’s death leaves 14 of the 26 still alive


31 January 2020

Township schools run sports events in the street

MEC tells schools to apply for Lottery funding


24 January 2020

Immigrant shop owner under police protection after looting

Spate of xenophobic violence follows murder of policeman


22 January 2020

Nine hundred Upington learners start school without any toilets at all

Mobile toilets company refuses to bring back toilets because owner says he has not been paid


15 January 2020

Ex-political prisoner dies, leaving family in poverty

Albert Tywili was one of the Upington 14


6 November 2019

Apartheid survives beyond the grave

Upington’s neglected cemeteries reflect the divisions of the past


12 February 2018

Man dies from dog bites 39 days later

Many unanswered questions on how Andries Afrikaner came to die


31 March 2017

Telling the story of the“Upington 26”

Locked gates keep residents out of memorial


1 July 2016

Anger as municipality forces small farmers to pay to use common land

Already hit by drought, small farmers in the Upington area will now have to pay fees to graze their animals on common land.

Selby Nomnganga

29 May 2014

//Khara Hais local municipality continues to ignore Auditor General

For two successive years //Khara Hais local municipality in Upington has had qualified audit reports. Now, at its most recent council meeting, the municipality approved irregular and unauthorized expenditure of R4 million incurred since November 2013.

Selby Nomnganga

20 March 2014