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“We want a better life, maybe a brick house”

Elderly retrenched farm workers describe their difficulties


News | 1 December 2016

Inside Pollsmoor’s special Baby Mother Unit

“I wouldn’t mind going back there" - former inmate


Feature | 10 October 2016

Group protests against abuse of the elderly

“Sometimes they are the most lonely people"


Brief | 5 October 2016

District Six: 3,000 ex-residents on land claims waiting list

Five decades after it was declared whites only, Shariefa Davids misses her old neighbourhood


Feature | 23 September 2016

Education department likely to miss school infrastructure deadline

Students denied basic rights, say activists


News | 15 September 2016

Cape Town community farm residents face eviction

21-year run of local 'eco-village' may be coming to an end soon

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News | 7 September 2016

Sans Souci schoolgirls protest against alleged racist school policies

They claim they are not allowed to speak isiXhosa during break

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News | 1 September 2016