Articles by Terry Bell

Elections, the SABC and the unions

More than a touch of irony that Solidarity and Bemawu took SABC to court, while Cosatu-aligned union cozied up to management


1 August 2016

Phyllis Ntantala-Jordan dies at 96

Fighter for women's rights dies in US


19 July 2016

ANC and the subversion of democracy: history repeats itself

There's nothing new in the imposition of candidates against the will of the majority


25 June 2016

Fire fighting should never be privatised

Lessons to be learned from the strike in Canada


20 June 2016

Sadtu denial gives ammunition to union bashers

Deeper investigation into "posts for sale" scandal needed


6 June 2016

Marx and the search for alternatives

Economic crisis prompts new interest in Marxism


18 May 2016

A confusion of unions

Talk is of unity, but actions are divisive


11 May 2016

Wife of station bomber dies

Ann Harris Wolfe (Pearson), 1938-2016, was the wife of John Harris, the only man classified white to be hanged by the apartheid state for political crimes


18 April 2016

Is Zuma threatening to fragment the country?

Ominous Melmoth meeting suggests he is


11 April 2016

Lessons in state capture from the Broederbond scandal

The ANC investigation into the Gupta scandal needs to be treated with caution


29 March 2016

Why unions joined Gordhan’s roadshow

Federations attempt to "save the country"


22 March 2016

One step closer to replacing COSATU?

A new labour federation hopes to trigger a workers' party


14 March 2016

The real message of International Women’s Day

The intentions of the women who founded it have been distorted


7 March 2016

Gordhan versus the unions versus the rating agencies

Despite murmurs of support there are signs that unions are unhappy with the budget


28 February 2016

How trade unions reacted to the Sona

Much point-scoring with the one good proposal lost in the noise


22 February 2016