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Three nurses arrested in Harrismith

Clinic nurse accused of stealing medication to run private clinic


News | 22 September 2022

Residents take to the streets after Harrismith without power for two weeks

Electricity restored Sunday afternoon but municipality will need millions to fix its substation properly


News | 19 September 2022

Harrismith and several towns without power for six days

Substation at Maluti-A-Phofung municipality in the Free State still down. No response from municipality to our questions.


Brief | 12 September 2022

Nurses at Free State clinic can’t treat patients when it rains

The small, dilapidated clinic serves residents of Intabazwe, near Harrismith - but it is overwhelmed and under-stocked


News | 24 August 2022

The President came, the President went, and nothing changed

15 months after the Harrismith N3 protests, the people of Intabazwe say they remain forgotten


News | 18 August 2022

Scores arrested in Harrismith and N3 shutdown

Villagers of Intabazwe say municipality has forgotten them


Brief | 27 May 2021

Thousands of villagers without electricity for nine days in Free State

Youths block roads in protest over outage


Brief | 25 May 2021

No water in Qwaqwa villages since 2018

Villagers battle to access water, yet government says R220 million supply project is far advanced


News | 14 April 2021

Taxi drivers shut down Free State town for two days over permit feud

They are demanding that cabs without permits be barred from operating on their routes


News | 26 March 2021

Councillor accused of demanding sex for job

150 residents protest in small Eastern Cape town to demand he be removed


News | 8 September 2020

Covid-19: water protesters target N2

Eastern Cape protesters say they can’t wash their hands as directed without clean water


News | 7 July 2020

Eastern Cape villagers promised water in 1998, still waiting

Over R23 million spent and the bills keep mounting, but the taps stay dry in Flagstaff villages


News | 25 February 2020

Cofimvaba protesters tell their mayor to start working

“Once they climb the ladder, they forget about us”


Brief | 19 February 2020

Residents of Amalinda say they have been forgotten

500 households with no electrification, months without rubbish collection, only two taps and a dozen working toilets


Brief | 28 November 2019

RDP housing is at a snail’s pace in Eastern Cape

Construction companies blame government budget constraints

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News | 21 November 2019

Over 1,000 villagers without tap water for three months

Ncorha Bulk Water Project will only be completed at the end of 2020.


News | 22 October 2019