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Residents of informal settlement block new housing project

Kanana families want to be housed on site


News | 4 December 2018

Police accused of torturing suspects in murder case

Men who “confessed” under torture were later acquitted in court


Feature | 8 November 2018

Why it takes so long for schools to be built

Equal Education demands transparency from government to improve delivery of school buildings


News | 31 October 2018

New Rail Enforcement Unit officers will be armed

All three levels of government co-operate in latest effort to protect Cape Town’s train commuters

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Brief | 29 October 2018

“I fell into a pit of mud and human waste”

Pit toilets finally repaired at Eastern Cape school where caretaker nearly drowned

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News | 26 October 2018

Learners call for Western Cape education department to pull out of court case

National government has appealed Bhisho High Court ruling on minimum norms and standards


News | 31 August 2018

Students ask Ramaphosa for amnesty

“We are fighting for free education, how are we expected to pay legal fees?”


Brief | 22 August 2018

School sanitation: Ramaphosa accused of “pretending to care”

SA Human Rights Commission, Equal Education and SECTION27 respond to president’s SAFE initiative


News | 15 August 2018

Occupiers of Cape Town buildings hold first congress

Reclaim The City elects leaders and adopts constitution on Women’s Day


Brief | 10 August 2018

TAC occupies hospital to protest poor conditions

Khayelitsha District Hospital CEO says improvements have been made


Brief | 19 July 2018

Khayelitsha fire victims still struggling for decent housing

TRA residents have been waiting five years for relief


News | 10 July 2018

Charges dismissed against three men accused of murdering Zanele Sandlana

Magistrate’s decision greeted with tears by protesters


News | 27 June 2018