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Safe Space helping to reintegrate Cape Town’s homeless

“They can help you, but it’s entirely up to you if you want to change your life”


News | 3 December 2018

Mitchells Plain model set for Vegas

Teenager with Down syndrome has already won two awards


News | 30 November 2018

Evicted Gympie Street residents face bleak future

“For us to go and stay in another place is like starting all over again”


News | 16 November 2018

Shack dwellers evicted from Langa for N2 Gateway project

Joe Slovo residents watch as their shacks are demolished

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News | 7 November 2018

Transgender discrimination is worse if you are poor

Hormone therapy and surgery are expensive and out of reach for many transpeople


News | 26 October 2018

City lost R140 million it could have spent on poor people, say protesters

Housing activists protest at offices of Growthpoint Properties in Cape Town


Brief | 4 October 2018

Homeless people face an uphill battle to get disability grants

“They seldom have an ID and cannot provide proof of residence”

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News | 14 September 2018

Township residents march on Parliament as crime statistics are released

“We sleep hearing gunshots and wake up hearing gunshots”

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News | 11 September 2018

Maiden’s Cove development under fire

The matter is now before the courts


News | 4 September 2018