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Expropriation from the poor

Reblocking of informal settlements can be development in reverse, argues Jared Sacks


Opinion | 6 September 2018

City does not care if it is wrong as long as no one else knows it

When the Madlingozi family in Mfuleni extended their shack without authorisation, the City of Cape Town removed the extensions, amidst a dispute over the facts. Jared Sacks argues that the City presented its position without checking the facts.

Jared Sacks

Opinion | 2 March 2015

Why the sun will continue to burn in Langa

Last Wednesday, Langa erupted into massive protest that locked down the area with no way in or out of the township. To many, it seemed like the anger came from nowhere – yet frustration has been simmering here for months if not years.

Jared Sacks

Opinion | 17 July 2014

Bank drives woman to brink of homelessness

Kutala Mtyali's sits on the couch of her house, perhaps for the last day, and tries to piece together the ongoing saga of her 26 year struggle to keep her home. Family members help her with names and dates. She is on the brink of homelessness.

Jared Sacks

News | 9 December 2013

On the Politics of Protest in Cape Town

A few weeks ago, the City of Cape Town was rocked by a spate of road blockades and other significant protests. Certain liberal NGOs joined the Democratic Alliance in condemning the protests claiming that they are violent and motivated by political party agendas.

Jared Sacks

Opinion | 22 August 2012