Articles for Tania Broughton

Social development department is biased against adoptions, says judge

Department and social workers get a tongue lashing from High Court


Law | 23 November 2022

Supreme Court of Appeal reverses controversial ivermectin ruling

There was no evidence to justify Judge Cassim Sardiwalla’s order, says court


Law | 21 November 2022

Stopping people from letting their cattle graze amounts to eviction, says judge

Land Claims Court says the Constitution requires that ESTA be given a “generous interpretation”


Law | 21 November 2022

Man spent two years in prison before charges were dropped

He contracted HIV and was forcibly tattooed while in jail. Now he has been awarded R2-million in damages.


Law | 10 November 2022

River Club interdict obtained by fraud, three judges rule

Scathing ruling against activist


Law | 8 November 2022

Appeal court trashes Siyangena’s R5.5-billion appeal bid

Ex-PRASA contractor “rightly found by the high court to have been complicit to the corruption, impropriety and maladministration”


Law | 1 November 2022

Judge “unscrambles an egg”: 20 years of property sales reversed

It started in 2001 when a bank bought the house for R100


Law | 24 October 2022

Judge makes U-turn on State Security Agency judgment

Judge Molefe decides to make public her judgment suppressing Independent Newspapers report


Law | 19 October 2022

Court orders compensation of R375,000 to families of learners who drowned on school outing

Judge finds that “insufficient steps were taken to safeguard the learners”


News | 17 October 2022

MEC must pay after child injured in drain acid “experiment”

Cleaner left acid unattended in school toilets while he went on lunch break


Law | 11 October 2022

“Brave” bus company boss “resisted” Mbalula and taxis

“Unfortunately his company has paid dearly for this brave stance … but hopefully this judgment will serve to vindicate his belief that it was the right thing to do,” says judge


Law | 10 October 2022

Police Minister ordered to pay father R240,000 for unlawful arrest during lockdown

The man said he was arrested at a roadblock in April 2020 while transporting his sick son to a doctor


Law | 7 October 2022

SAPS must pay R50,000 compensation to victim of sexual harrassment

SAPS took an unreasonably long time to investigate the complaint, the Labour Court says


News | 5 October 2022

Mbalula must protect Intercape buses, court rules

Punitive costs awarded against minister. Intercape CEO says: “There is frustration and concern from both the citizenry and business over these ongoing failures on the part of the state.”


Law | 3 October 2022

Children caught using cannabis will no longer be criminally prosecuted

Concourt rules sections of Drugs act unconstitutional. But ruling makes it clear that the court does not condone drug use by children.


Law | 29 September 2022

Couple challenges law on maternity leave

Both parents should be entitled to the same leave when a baby is born, argues Polokwane couple


Law | 26 September 2022