Articles for Tania Broughton

No severance pay for employee who refused Covid vaccination

Her refusal was unreasonable, CCMA rules


Law | 17 May 2022

Court rules on the limit of the Human Rights Commission’s powers

“It needs to be understood that the SAHRC is not a punisher of human rights violations, it is an educator, transformer and empowerer,” says Judge


Law | 16 May 2022

Judge makes landmark ruling on Divorce Act

Gauteng High Court finds part of the Act discriminates against women and is unconstitutional


Law | 13 May 2022

Mom entitled to take ex-husband’s pension money for maintenance, says judge

Johannesburg High Court rules that mother did not have to give notice before taking money for maintenance arrears


Law | 6 May 2022

Judge blocks mine expansion

Licence to extend the Somkhele mine set aside


Law | 5 May 2022

“The bloodied hand cannot inherit”, court rules

While the criminal case goes on, a civil court has found that on a balance of probabilities Zurenah Smit was involved in her husband’s murder


Law | 28 April 2022

Judge sets precedent, orders therapy for child rape victim

The ten-year-old victim will receive monthly therapy for two years


Law | 28 April 2022

Nando’s gets the stick for firing a man who tasted its carrots

Durban Labour Court rules that a man fired after “consumption of stock without authorisation” be reinstated


Law | 25 April 2022

Court battle over whether you have to pay to protest

Right2Know versus City of Johannesburg case will be heard next week


Law | 22 April 2022

Court sets out new guidelines for surrogacy agreements

Existing children of a woman who agrees to act as a surrogate must be psychologically assessed, judge says


Law | 20 April 2022

Thirteen years after a disabled child spent a night in a filthy cell, court slashes damages payout

Court reduces Minister of Safety and Security’s damages payout by R20,000 and orders each party to pay its own costs


Law | 19 April 2022

Dodgy lotteries: what the SIU can and can’t do

And why it’s important that the NPA joins the fray

By and

Analysis | 6 April 2022

Court stops municipality evicting single mother whose child has special needs

It would not be “just and equitable” to evict her, says magistrate


Law | 6 April 2022

Constitutional Court finds Minister liable for sloppy police work

Minister of Police must pay damages to woman who was held hostage and repeatedly raped over a 15-hour period


Law | 5 April 2022

Telkom has frozen an employee’s pension. Here’s why a judge has allowed it

The company is suing a man it accuses of having sold information to a competitor


Law | 5 April 2022