Articles for Mkhuseli Sizani

Burst water pipe left for three weeks in Port Elizabeth

“People come and wash their cars here while we suffer in my house,” says elderly resident


Brief | 7 November 2019

Initiation school mired in filth

Illegal dumping is compromising Xhosa traditional practice at a school in Govan Mbeki


Brief | 7 November 2019

“Urine streams down the taxi rank”

Toilets at Govan Mbeki Taxi Rank in Port Elizabeth have not worked for three months, commuters say


Brief | 6 November 2019

Parents close down Port Elizabeth school

Protesters demand better infrastructure and security


News | 6 November 2019

Another child drowns in Addo canal

Police have found the body of 11-year-old Olwenene Maqanda


News | 30 October 2019

Land occupation named after Mayor Bobani erupts in protests

“He said we can rebuild our shacks and live here. He promised to give us toilets, water and electricity”


News | 29 October 2019

Thugs scare municipal workers away from broken township drains

Drain in Soweto-on-Sea took months to fix


Brief | 28 October 2019

Kliprand residents furious at council’s broken promise

PE protesters block roads, burn tyres


Brief | 11 October 2019

Mystery stream has flooded PE township for 20 years

No-one knows where the water comes from


Brief | 9 October 2019

Kirkwood residents fume while municipality and province blame each other for lack of housing

I have never lived in a proper house, says Xoliswa Ntsilathana


News | 20 September 2019

Addo canal claims more lives

Five-year-old boys drown, bringing the number of deaths this year to seven


News | 3 September 2019

Despatch housing project halted by “political tensions”

A group of residents have occupied a housing project site in a protest against their ward councillor


News | 30 August 2019

115 households in Despatch left in the cold while municipality and Housing Development Agency shift blame

“Every morning I wake up and sit on that cement foundation just to get the sun”


News | 29 August 2019

“My RDP house has robbed me of my legs”

Official says Nomvula Frans’s home will be prioritised to make it suitable for her disability


News | 27 August 2019

“Our area is over 120 years old but still we have no electricity, houses, and roads”

PE residents barricade roads because of housing delivery failures


Brief | 21 August 2019