Articles by Mkhuseli Sizani

Covid-19: Cookhouse police accused of beatings during curfew

A 20-year-old and a teenager say they were punched and kicked outside their mothers’ houses


12 January 2021

Horse grooms can claim UIF, rules CCMA

Department of Labour’s system showed that they had absconded from work


30 November 2020

Kirkwood erupts over vigilante violence

Youths accused of being gangsters take revenge on anti-crime forum members


27 November 2020

Police intervene as homeowners clash with shack dwellers over illegal connections

The municipality is assessing whether the shacks can get electricity


25 November 2020

Residents punished for municipal water bill mix-up

Electricity cut off because of unpaid water accounts which residents say they never received


24 November 2020

Bus drivers protest for Covid relief

More than 300 Algoa Bus Company employees want to know what has happened to TERS payments


23 November 2020

Neighbours in standoff over illegal electrical connections

Over 200 households were left in the dark when an overloaded powerline exploded this week


13 November 2020

Community demand answers over incomplete water pipeline

The project is expected to deliver water to more than 5,000 households whose taps ran dry several years ago


12 November 2020

Steve Tshwete Stadium collapsing and taking local sport with it

Mayor blames vandals and lack of cooperation from local teams


9 November 2020

Hard life for Fairview’s horse grooms

They want the government to provide services to their informal settlement but it’s on private land. Nevertheless there is hope that a pending land transfer will change things


3 November 2020

Councillor summons municipal officials to respond to shackdwellers’ complaints

“Shack” is a glorified name for a dog kennel, says councillor


28 October 2020

Port Elizabeth family lose “breadwinner” in taxi shooting

The incident sparked violence in the communities of Booysens Park and Marikana


21 October 2020

Neighbouring towns at war over jobs

Cookhouse residents demand inclusion in R28-million industrial park construction in Somerset East


19 October 2020

PE horse grooms’ hearing delayed by seven days

CCMA to make a decision on a technical point of law to be argued in the case


16 October 2020

Residents call on Cele to act after homes in Port Elizabeth petrol-bombed

Community says police minister has not kept his promise to tackle gangs


15 October 2020