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Spatial injustice remains at core of rising inequality

Activists believe a radical โ€œnew normalโ€ is needed for land reform

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Opinion | 10 September 2020

Struggle for disabled people to use Cape Town’s transport

On Monday Cape Town bus drivers ended their strike after 25 days. They had asked for a wage increase of 18% but settled for a preliminary increase of 9.5% which will increase to 10% from October. What does the strike reveal about how poor people get around in Cape Town, particularly for disabled people?

Nkosikhona SwartbooiAndiswa Hala

News | 15 May 2013

Can online activism change the world?

Can the Internet and its endless opportunities for communication, debate, information, and knowledge give a voice to those who go un-heard in regards to social and political change? and how can its beneficial resources be used by those who do not have access to the Internet?

Andiswa Hala, Jonathan Dockney, Mary Fawzi, Nkosikhona Swartbooi

Opinion | 17 April 2013