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Most unregistered voters are under 30

Success of weekend registration drive depends on youth turnout


Brief | 4 March 2016

Sanitation Summit: “Our dignity is undermined”

“Lack of access to water and sanitation is an insult to human dignity,” emphasised the Social Justice Coalition (SJC)in a National Sanitation Summit held at Community House in Salt River yesterday.

Bulelani Ngovi

News | 24 April 2014

Pastor leads march through “hell”

Under a banner that read “Welcome to Hell - SA Townships” Pastor Xola Skosana of the Way of Life Church led a march through Khayelitsha on Easter weekend. For the fourth year, the pastor carried a wooden cross.

Bulelani Ngovi

News | 20 April 2014

“˜A place where we ought to love one another’

Emasithandane home, founded in 1994 in Nyanga, currently looks after 39 children, most of them HIV infected and affected. 20 years later, it is still going strong despite financial constraints.

Bulelani Ngovi

News | 14 April 2014