Articles for Jacques Louw

Wayne Deck: an exemplary civil servant

Cape High Court clerk’s legendary work ethic should inspire others


Opinion | 26 July 2023

Can journalists publish “stolen” information?

South African law says yes, if it is in the public interest - which is not the same thing as interesting


Law | 18 May 2023

Where were they? State failure and Thabo Bester

Thabo Bester has been arrested, nearly a year after escaping prison. Should the state be praised for prompt action?


Opinion | 17 April 2023

How to get divorced without losing your money or your sanity

A mediator can reduce costs and psychological damage


Law | 7 October 2022

POPI Act: confessions of a convert

This new law will ensure that information about us is kept where it belongs but it is being widely misinterpreted


Opinion | 28 January 2022