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Are judges crossing the line when they speak out?

Some are perilously close to breaking the Code of Judicial Conduct

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Opinion | 10 August 2022

How the JSC failed our judges โ€“ and the public

โ€œNo possible excuse for why the JSC has taken nearly two years for the Makhubele Tribunal kick offโ€ says Judges Matter

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Opinion | 15 June 2022

Covid-19: How the courts work during lockdown

They are an essential service but they are not carrying on as normal


Information | 1 April 2020

Ten years later, still no action on Hlophe complaint

Accusation that Western Cape Judge President tried to intervene in favour of Jacob Zuma has still not been dealt with

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Analysis | 6 September 2019

Cybercrimes Bill makes cyberspace less secure

It also has a sinister provision that will make it easier for State Security to undermine privacy and freedom

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Analysis | 28 July 2017

New law makes whistle-blowing riskier

Protected Disclosures Amendment Bill criminalises false disclosures


Opinion | 10 November 2016

The poll at Wits was meaningless

Rights can't be voted away


Opinion | 5 October 2016

Parliament has become unwelcoming

Access used to be quick and easy. Not any more.


Opinion | 18 April 2016

Who is responsible for Blikkiesdorp?

Who is responsible for Blikkiesdorp? This question has been coming up in response to work in the community by the Open Democracy Advice Centre.

Alison Tilley

Opinion | 30 November 2015

Blikkiesdorp: what’s the plan?

Evictions are a daily part of living on the margins in South Africa. This week, residents were evicted from a block of flats in Berea, Johannesburg. Authorities descended early on Wednesday morning on the flats where hundreds are people are living. Their personal belongings โ€“ including fridges, clothes and computers โ€“ were left outside in the street. Where do such people go? In Cape Town, they have been sent to a place called Blikkiesdorp.

Alison Tilley

Opinion | 13 August 2015

Why selection of next Concourt judge is a big deal

The Judicial Service Commission is interviewing four candidates for the Constitutional Court today and tomorrow (9 and 10 July). Alison Tilley of the Open Democracy Advice Centre explains why this week's process matters so much.

Alison Tilley

Opinion | 9 July 2015

Should Blikkiesdorp move, or the airport?

Apparently, it was Benjamin Franklin who said, โ€œYou fail to plan, and you plan to fail.โ€ This axiom was repeated to me by a Blikkiesdorp community member.

Alison Tilley

Opinion | 9 June 2015