School with long history is in appalling condition, and the education department has nothing to say about it

Some classrooms at Bantuvukani Primary School in Lamontville have broken windows and ceilings. Others do not have doors.


News | 15 August 2022

Department promises new school after protest by fed-up learners

Plans for new buildings for Eyabantu Senior Secondary School are underway, says spokesperson


Brief | 4 August 2022

Education department misses court deadline to pay educators

Eastern Cape education department has now promised to pay staff at a Makhanda school by the end of August


News | 2 August 2022

Horses work “magic” for children with disabilities

The South African Riding for the Disabled Association runs free lessons for 50 children a week near Durban


Brief | 1 August 2022

Teachers and learners at this school use a field as a toilet

Fort Beaufort school has 570 learners and 15 teachers and toilets don’t work


Brief | 21 July 2022

Learners protest against “drastic and unacceptable” changes to school infrastructure law

Equal Education members demand Eastern Cape education MEC intervene


Brief | 14 July 2022

UCT Jagger Library insurance payout delayed for over a year

Funds needed to rebuild the library after the 2021 fire are still not secured


News | 13 July 2022

Learners picket against government scrapping deadlines to fix schools

Department says learners’ memo will be considered along with other public comments on its proposed amendments

Text and Photos by Magnificent Mndebele

News | 8 July 2022

Video: Making fun books for children in their mother-tongue

“It’s not that children don’t like to read. It’s that they haven’t found the right book yet” says Tina Akuoko of Ethnikids.


Video | 8 July 2022

School site abandoned as contractor accuses education department of failing to pay

Meanwhile learners at Eyabantu Senior Secondary school in Fort Beaufort are crammed into tiny temporary classrooms


News | 7 July 2022

The roof of this primary school is an accident waiting to happen

Education department says it will refurbish Mohokone Primary in 2023/4


Brief | 6 July 2022

Youngsters eke out a living carrying water for residents

Too hungry to stay in school, brothers dropped out in grade six


News | 4 July 2022

12 years after a court ordered it, government plans to build a special needs school

Eastern Cape education department’s plan commits to building permanent school by 2027


News | 4 July 2022

Teacher assaulted by learner given green light to sue education department

He claims the department had a duty to protect him and to support him after the attack


Law | 4 July 2022

Deadline extended for public to comment on controversial education regulations

Schools with inadequate and unsafe sanitation are scheduled to receive appropriate toilets next year, says government


Brief | 1 July 2022

Learners march against proposal to end deadlines to fix schools

Poor and working-class communities will never know when their schools will be fixed, say education activists


News | 30 June 2022