Marikana Philippi East Court Case

Reports from an important court case in the Western Cape High Court about land in Cape Town. Here is an analysis of the case.

Marikana occupiers reach landmark agreement with property owners

Showdown in Supreme Court of Appeal averted


Law | 6 March 2020

Does Marikana really have 60,000 people?

Measuring the number of people living in an informal settlement is difficult


Analysis | 1 September 2017

City of Cape Town ordered to buy land for Marikana residents

Court ruling ensures that 60,000 people will not be evicted from their homes


News | 30 August 2017

Life in Cape Town’s most controversial informal settlement

Future of Marikana informal settlement in Philippi East in the hands of a judge


Photo Essay | 17 February 2017

Marikana: Judge must rule whether to compel state to buy, compensate or evict

“They live here not out of choice. They live here out of desperation.”


News | 15 February 2017

City asks court to order national government to compensate land owners

Human Settlements lawyer says that granting the court application by Marikana residents would have “dire and far reaching consequences”


News | 14 February 2017

Marikana lawyer calls for state to expropriate land

SAPS lawyer says it isn’t possible to arrest the informal settlement’s 60,000 residents


News | 12 February 2017

Marikana case: Home owner in informal settlement asks City to buy her property

“She went from being a property owner to living at the middle of an informal settlement. … This is her primary residence.”


News | 9 February 2017

Landmark Marikana case begins: 60,000 people’s homes at stake

City asked to buy or expropriate land occupied in Philippi East


News | 8 February 2017