Articles by Kimberly Mutandiro

Government buys farm in Ventersdorp for evicted farm workers

The families have been living in community halls after spending nights on the roadside with their belongings


13 May 2021

Long queues at post offices as activists picket for Covid-19 grant extension

”I do not even have money to go back home if I don’t get paid today. I am hungry” says hopeful beneficiary

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30 April 2021

Neighbour pays rent for family, saving them from eviction … for now

Couple lost their jobs at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown and have not been able to find permanent work since


15 April 2021

High demand for contraceptive pills smuggled in from Zimbabwe

The market is fuelled by the struggle women have to access health facilities


9 April 2021

Centurion recyclers battle against eviction

“All we ask is that they be moved to a permanent place where they will be able to work and feed their families”


29 March 2021

Immigrant shop owners say they are victims of extortion

One Tsakane shop owner is trying to recoup losses of over R50k


25 March 2021

Historic pub faces eviction by South African army, say owners

The beautiful stone pub has underground passages where mine workers used to train


16 March 2021

Demand for police to investigate torture allegations against SANDF

“We have been living in fear because both the police and army are failing to protect us”


5 March 2021

Covid-19 drives children as young as four onto the street to earn

“I have to help my mother so she can buy food” says nine-year-old


24 February 2021

Unemployed people wait in vain at company gates

Job-seekers in Germiston sit outside major local employer hoping for work


17 February 2021

Police accused of failing to act on complaints against SANDF

Lawyers for Human Rights to compel police to investigate string of alleged assaults and torture carried out by soldiers


12 February 2021

Marievale residents dispute claims of successful relocation

But councillor warns that it’s unsafe for people to continue living at SANDF base


5 February 2021

“Passport cops” blackmail immigrants

Police in central Johannesburg accused of extorting bribes and preying on women


2 February 2021

Covid-19 curfew and alcohol ban leave sex workers battling

“In our line of work business thrives during the night”


26 January 2021

Social grants: the young men who make a living queuing for others

Sometimes knives are drawn as “agents” fight for their place in the Covid-19 grant queue


15 January 2021

Informal miners claim police demand bribes

Miners in Benoni say police confiscate their gold unless they pay


15 December 2020