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Thousands of children with disabilities are not receiving the Care Dependency Grant

And the R2,180 monthly amount is too little to cover the costs of caring for a child with disabilities


News | 23 May 2024

Gauteng funding crisis: Disability organisations face closure

Department of Social Development has not finalised contracts with organisations providing vital services

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News | 10 May 2024

Unpaid school uniform makers occupy Gauteng social development offices

Sewing co-operatives delivered thousands of school uniforms to learners in need, but the department is disowning them

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News | 9 May 2024

Government payment delay forces Joburg’s biggest food bank to close

But the Department of Social Development claims the delay is caused by investigations into the food banks

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News | 8 May 2024

Race to find 48 trapped construction workers

21 people have been rescued from the site of the collapsed building in George


Brief | 7 May 2024

Concerns raised by Gauteng government’s move to take over adoption services

In 2022 the High Court found the Department of Social Development’s conduct “unlawful”


News | 7 May 2024

Gauteng Social Development head departs amid corruption allegations

Matilda Gasela headed several forensic audits despite facing allegations herself

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News | 2 May 2024

Can South Africa afford a Basic Income Grant? Or can we afford not to?

GroundUp and Black Sash hosted a debate on the feasibility of the Basic Income Grant (BIG) on Thursday


News | 26 April 2024

Elections 2024: South Africa is one of the few African countries where prisoners can vote

But the right of prisoners to vote has at times been resisted by the government and the Independent Electoral Commission


News | 24 April 2024

Gauteng government pays shelters after receiving letter of demand

The payments were withheld due to municipal non-compliance, causing shelters to shut down


News | 12 April 2024

Funding crisis shuts down children’s centres in Gauteng

Social development department’s funding adjudications have been finalised, but for many organisations it is too late

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News | 4 April 2024

New CEO promises brighter future for state’s media development agency

But the MDDA’s last clean audit was in 2020/21 and the board chair, flagged by the Nugent Commission, is still in office


News | 28 March 2024

Centre for quadraplegics may have to close if Gauteng funding cuts are implemented

Gauteng Department of Social Development says funding decisions will be finalised before the end of March


News | 27 March 2024

Questions over how national orchestra is spending public money

Auditor-General red flags potential conflict of interest and oversight issues


News | 7 March 2024