Articles for Masego Mafata

“Fix our schools” activists tell Minister as deadline passes

Minimum norms and standards set ten years ago have not been met, says Equal Education


News | 29 November 2023

NGOs respond to being blamed for Johannesburg fire

They say they make sure the law is upheld, while the City of Johannesburg has failed to provide alternative accommodation for evicted people


News | 31 August 2023

Gauteng farming community without consistent water for three years

Ward councillor says only six water tankers are servicing all communities in Emfuleni municipality


News | 14 August 2023

Judge Makhubele hearing postponed because of outstanding legal fees

“Millions” owed for the judge’s legal representation


News | 1 August 2023

Businessman at centre of Lottery fund probe arrested for fraud

Petrus Sedibe charged with defrauding a trust fund


Brief | 24 July 2023

Man behind failed Soweto sports centre has fingers in several Lottery pies

R750,000 paid to Petrus Sedibe’s private company two days after multi-million rand grant landed

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News | 19 June 2023

Climate activists disrupt Standard Bank AGM

About 200 people picketed at the bank’s head office to demand it stop investing in fossil fuels


News | 12 June 2023

Siyaya lawyer agrees with the defence at Judge Makhubele tribunal

Transcripts from the Siyaya insolvency hearing show PRASA was bound to pay the corruption-accused company, argues Makhubele’s advocate


Law | 18 May 2023

PRASA attorney didn’t know about concessions that led to Siyaya settlement, tribunal told

The attorney acting on behalf of PRASA says he could not determine whether concessions were made by PRASA employees as claimed.


Law | 16 May 2023

PRASA had no leg to stand on in Siyaya matters, tribunal on Makhubele hears

Siyaya lawyer testifies on how R56-million settlement was reached


Law | 16 May 2023

Siyaya was “stuck in their own mud” before Judge Makhubele intervened, tribunal hears

Advocate argues it was not unusual for a PRASA board chairperson to take an interest in legal matters, but former legal head questions the manner of engagement


News | 12 May 2023

Witness describes Judge Makhubele’s unusual interest in dodgy Siyaya deal

Fani Dingiswayo tells the Judicial Conduct Tribunal that Makhubele pushed for a settlement with Siyaya rather than defend their claims in court


Law | 11 May 2023

Explosive email read at Judge Makhubele’s tribunal

Advocate Elaine Zungu led evidence showing that the judge ordered payment to Siyaya when she chaired the PRASA board


News | 10 May 2023

No instruction to pay Siyaya, argues Makhubele at tribunal

Judge Tintswalo Makhubele’s advocate argues there is no documented evidence that Makhubele issued instructions to settle with corruption-accused firm


News | 9 May 2023

Judge Makhubele “abetted corruption” at PRASA, tribunal hears

PRASA whistleblower Martha Ngoye stands firm under cross examination


News | 8 May 2023