Articles by Masego Mafata

Joburg can no longer rely on its water supply

Demand often exceeds supply as infrastructure crumbles


10 September 2021

Informal waste reclaimers get World Wildlife Fund award

But the African Reclaimers Organisation says they have still not been integrated into the City of Johannesburg’s waste management plan


8 September 2021

Mayor promises probe into shoddily built Johannesburg flats

Residents say previous attempts to get the City or developers to fix defects have been futile


6 September 2021

Free art therapy, drama and stories help inner-city children find their way

For 27 years, Lefika la Phodiso has welcomed Johannesburg children from six to 18


6 September 2021

UIF promises relief for workers affected by July riots

Until 15 December, employees at businesses that have not reopened can receive R3,500 per month

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30 August 2021

Platinum mine tense after assassination of unionist

NUMSA’s Malibongwe Mdazo was gunned down outside the CCMA office in Rustenburg


26 August 2021

Joburg’s informal traders call for police to stop confiscating their goods

Traders pay between R1,600 and R3,000 to retrieve their stock


20 August 2021

Gauteng government takes vaccination drive to informal settlements

And Saaberie Chishty Society helps get people vaccinated outside their homes


18 August 2021

Today’s heroes: the “ordinary” women who hold South Africa together

We interviewed five South African women who have overcome adversity to support their families.

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9 August 2021

Volunteers are fixing looted Soweto markets

“It was scary to see this area go from busy to what felt like a ghost town overnight”


5 August 2021

Operation Show Your Receipt: “They came in and took our mealie meal and oil”

Activists question legality of confiscating food from poor households


29 July 2021

Gauteng informal traders feel the aftermath of July unrest

“We are not making money and our fridges at home are empty. We can’t carry on like this,” says Kwa Mai Mai Market food seller


26 July 2021

Sharp increase in deaths places strain on Johannesburg cemeteries

“These numbers are staggering,” says City Parks spokesperson


22 July 2021

People queueing for six hours to buy essential goods in KZN and Gauteng

“Law-abiding citizens are now facing the consequences of other people’s actions”

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16 July 2021

27,000 people join project to rebuild after looting

The RebuildSA Facebook group was created on Tuesday


14 July 2021

Gauteng clinics looted and destroyed

“What was not taken, was broken,” says doctor


13 July 2021