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New housing project in Simon’s Town leaves backyarders and tenants in limbo

Shacks are being demolished as families move from Redhill to new houses in Dido Valley


News | 22 November 2023

Sewage in the sea: City fails to meet Hout Bay permit conditions

The City of Cape Town’s own data shows it is releasing more sewage than is allowed


News | 17 November 2023

How to steal a railway line and stay out of jail

Legal manoeuvres have stalled the case against former PRASA acting CEO Mthuthuzeli Swartz and businessman Syed Mohiudeen


Feature | 8 November 2023

Criminal case against former PRASA director kicked down the tracks – again

Mthuthuzeli Swartz was arrested for the sale of 42km of railway line in January 2019


News | 27 October 2023

Almost a third of Limpopo residents have no access to piped water

Human Rights Commission report slams failure of water supply in Limpopo

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News | 23 October 2023

Almost 4,000 households still to be moved off Cape Town railway land

While plans for temporary relocation of 891 households occupying the Central Line are making progress, thousands of households remain on the railway

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News | 12 October 2023

#UniteBehind takes PRASA and transport minister to court

The organisation argues the state has a statutory and constitutional duty to devolve rail to the City of Cape Town


Law | 11 October 2023

Ad agencies pressure their colleagues not to work for fossil fuel companies

Clean Creatives has published a list of agencies with coal, oil and gas clients


News | 6 October 2023

Karoo towns fail to keep water clean

The Kannaland municipality also does not conduct all the water tests it is supposed to


News | 5 October 2023

Cape Town ordered to hold public hearings on sewage being pumped into the sea

Environment minister criticises City’s previous lack of engagement


News | 21 September 2023

Lawyer in Amazon controversy caught in qualification lie

Timothy Dunn, an attorney in the River Club dispute, does not have the master’s degree he claims to have


News | 29 August 2023

Axed PRASA board chair goes to court to get his job back

Leonard Ramatlakane argues that if he did anything wrong it was minor and unintentional


News | 22 August 2023

Mayor threatens President with formal dispute process over rail services

PRASA has snubbed City of Cape Town’s attempts to take over management of Metrorail


News | 15 August 2023

PRASA blocks corruption-buster from returning to work

Martha Ngoye still suspended pending Labour Court appeal


News | 25 July 2023

Scientists sound alarm on failing water systems

All four towns that have recorded cholera deaths this year have failing drinking water supply and failing sewage treatment plants


News | 22 June 2023

Report sheds light on Mozambique’s troubled Cabo Delgado

Activities of United States cashew nut company singled out


News | 6 June 2023