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Budget cuts: Why doesn’t the government use some of the money in this R459-billion account?

The reasons for not using money from the Gold and Foreign Exchange Contingency Reserve Account are political, not legal or economic

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Opinion | 31 October 2023

Yes, we can afford a Universal Basic Income Guarantee

It just needs political will

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Opinion | 28 July 2021

Covid-19: The lockdown is being torn apart on the rocks of fiscal miserliness

If you want people to stay home and businesses to stay shut, you have to pay them to do so


Opinion | 12 May 2020

Covid-19: Unpacking President Ramaphosa’s rescue package

A major step forward, but some warning lights are flashing


Analysis | 22 April 2020

National minimum wage: not enough protection for part-time workers

Some of the most vulnerable could be left in the cold

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Opinion | 13 January 2017

National minimum wage: the devil is in the detail

Aspects of the proposal may render a minimum wage ineffective


Opinion | 14 December 2016

Zuma's national minimum wage "own goal"

President is placating business and wavering on policy


Opinion | 15 February 2016

South Africa’s 5 million working poor

Every day millions across South Africa do arduous work in jobs that cannot keep them and their dependants out of poverty. These are the “working poor” and according to a new study, there are about five and half million of them.

Gilad Isaacs

Opinion | 25 August 2015

Minimum wage debate: the old cheap labour system will get us nowhere

The low wage argument is a red herring, argue Gilad Isaacs and Ben Fine in the latest contribution to the minimum wage debate.

Gilad Isaacs and Ben Fine

Opinion | 17 December 2014

Why Mike Schussler is wrong about inequality

Popular economist Mike Schussler’s recently published article distorts the available statistical evidence to buttress a bizarre argument.

Gilad Isaacs

Opinion | 22 July 2014

Lessons from the platinum strike: the poison of inequality

The timing, duration and intensity of the long strike on the platinum belt were fuelled by a familiar South African problem: persistent and very high inequality.

Gilad Isaacs

Opinion | 1 July 2014

Who won the platinum strike? The figures speak

After the historic five-month long platinum strike, mineworkers and corporate executives are retreating to their tin shacks and BMWs respectively. The country is left wondering: who won?
What the increases mean for the lives of the workers and the fortunes of the platinum producers is difficult to quantify. However, it is possible to compare the implications – for workers and company costs – of the various offers, demands and the final settlement.

Gilad Isaacs

Analysis | 26 June 2014

Can the platinum producers afford the wages demanded?

Like any good question, the answer to whether the platinum producers can afford the demands made by striking workers is: “it depends”.

Gilad Isaacs

Opinion | 9 June 2014

Myths about the election

From a perusal of social media and certain sections of the commentariat (on both the Left and Right) one wouldn’t know that an intelligent South African electorate just handed the ANC a convincing victory in an overwhelming peaceful, free, fair and democratic election.

Gilad Isaacs

Opinion | 14 May 2014

A tale of three policies

The ANC is increasingly accused of breaking the promises it has made to the South African public. What is less widely discussed is how their promises contradict one another.

Gilad Isaacs

Opinion | 4 March 2014

An open opportunity society for some?

“An Open Opportunity Society for All” is the idea which underpins the Democratic Alliance’s vision for South Africa.

Gilad Isaacs

Opinion | 19 February 2014