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Why is SASSA not sending me an ID verification link?

It could be that they are struggling to verify your identity because you have a green ID book and your photo is not clear enough.

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How can I get an ID if my birth wasn't registered and I lost my clinic card?

Make an affidavit and apply for a duplicate clinic card from the hospital where you were born.

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I was a child when my mother died three years ago. How can I get a duplicate of her ID and report her death to the Masters Office?

If you have something with her ID number on, go to Home Affairs and ask them to help you with the ID. You can report her death by lodging a completed death notice.

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Where can I apply for an ID online?

You can submit ID and passport applications and payments on the eHomeAffairs website.

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I have been waiting years for Home Affairs to change my marital status. What can I do?

Home Affairs is dealing with a huge backlog of applications. You may need legal aid to compel them to process yours now.

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I don't know my birth parents and Home Affairs keeps refusing me an ID. What can I do?

Home Affairs is supposed to let your adoptive parents help you apply. They should also tell you why your applications have been denied.

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Why have I still not heard back from Home Affairs regarding my appeal for my rejected letter of good cause?

There is a huge backlog at Home Affairs, so the acting Director-General extended existing permits for those who applied or appealed before 20 November 2023.

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Can I get shared custody of my son if I was not named as the father on his birth certificate?

Yes, but only with the mother's permission can an application be made to the High Court.

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Can I apply for my newborn's birth certificate if I am still waiting for Home Affairs to verify my fingerprints?

Probably not. You can ask Home Affairs if they can expedite your fingerprint verification.

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How can people who cannot personally go to Home Affairs get their IDs?

You can make a sworn affidavit explaining his position and try to apply for it as his parent/guardian.

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