Gold mining in the Overberg: fears relieved for now

Mining company has not met the first deadline for an Environmental Impact Assessment


News | 24 November 2023

Aussie mining company “SLAPP suit” partly settled out of court

Six South African defendants have reached an agreement with Mineral Commodities Ltd


News | 22 November 2023

Shack dwellers want sand mining halted

They say the sand is damaging their shacks. The City of Cape Town says the affected households will only be relocated in 2024


News | 15 November 2023

AMCU vs NUM: Workers to vote at “hostage” mine

Gold One will organise ballot of miners


News | 1 November 2023

Sand mining company appeals against refusal of water licence in Philippi

A campaign to preserve the horticultural area says the silica mine will impact food security and the Cape Flats Aquifer


News | 26 October 2023

Tears and joy as miners return to the surface after hostage drama

Police open kidnapping case after events at Gold One mine


News | 25 October 2023

Tension mounts at Springs mine as police mobilise

AMCU claims that miners are voluntarily protesting underground at Gold One but there are definitely people being held hostage


News | 24 October 2023

Mining department refuses West Coast prospecting bid

Government turned down Limpopo-based Nekwana Trading Enterprise’s application because of shortcomings in basic impact assessment


News | 19 September 2023

Copper boom sparks conflict between mine and residents of Northern Cape town

We visited Concordia, where 29 people were arrested for protesting against a mine


Feature | 18 September 2023

Silicosis: the astonishing story of the driller from Lesotho

Family receives R340,000 payout after death of miner who suffered from silicosis

News | 15 September 2023

Silicosis: diagnosing the disease beyond the grave

Q(h)ubeka Trust finds way to pay out widow of miner in spite of lack of medical records

News | 14 September 2023

Silicosis: 68-year-old mineworker gets compensation payout months before he dies

Q(h)ubeka Trust winds up after paying out R420-million in compensation following court settlement with employers

News | 13 September 2023

11th-hour out-of-court settlement reached on West Coast diamond mining

A major legal battle over the extension of 30-year mining rights has been averted


News | 1 September 2023

Court challenge to 30-year extension of West Coast diamond mining rights

Fishers say they were ignored when the original rights were awarded between 1994 and 1998


News | 28 August 2023

Lack of mining jobs spurs protest in Kagiso

Pan African Resources says it will not give in to the “equivalent of a construction mafia”


News | 8 August 2023

We will take matters into our own hands, Riverlea community leader warns Bheki Cele

Police minister and mining officials meet community following protests over violence blamed on informal miners


Brief | 4 August 2023