A deaf woman was gang raped. She has waited more than eight months for a court to get a sign language interpreter

The trial of four men accused of raping the 45-year-old woman has been postponed several times because of this


News | 21 September 2023

It took six years for the court to convict a man for raping his foster child

The serial rapist first appeared in the Khayelitsha Magistrates’ Court in 2017 but was only convicted in August


News | 4 September 2023

Court confirms suspended sentence for man who sexually assaulted seven-year-old

“This is not justice” says a researcher for Judges Matter


Law | 16 August 2023

Former UCT student named on rapist list wins damages

The woman who wrongfully put the student’s name on the widely circulated list must pay R300,000 in damages and medical bills


Law | 9 September 2022

Rape survivor gives up hope of justice

After multiple postponements, 27-year-old Khayelitsha woman finally withdrew the case


News | 2 June 2022

Rape accused fails in malicious damages claim

Court commends prosecutor for his decision to proceed with the case


Law | 31 May 2022

Judge sets precedent, orders therapy for child rape victim

The ten-year-old victim will receive monthly therapy for two years


Law | 28 April 2022

High Court rules woman had the right to call out her rapist

Judge overturns “gag” order


Law | 25 March 2022

Western Cape Education Department liable for damages for rape of learner

The learner was sexually assaulted by the school principal when she was 12


Law | 18 March 2022

Netcare sexual assault centres: are they as publicised?

Rape Crisis advocacy specialist raises concerns


News | 2 March 2022

Parole board told to explain why repeat sex offender was released from jail

Appeal court decision revives woman’s civil suit against minister of justice for R2 million in damages


Law | 2 November 2021

Justice delayed is justice denied: Court frees man convicted of rape after it took seven years to prosecute him

Magistrate and prosecutor “deserve censure of the strongest kind” rule two KZN judges


Law | 28 June 2021

Triangle Project concerned by delayed hate crimes bill

Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill stalled since 2018


News | 28 June 2021

Cape Town trauma centre overwhelmed by case load

At times “the queues look like a SASSA line”


News | 15 June 2021

Woman to pay damages for falsely accusing ex-husband of rape

Two of the five Appeal judges disagree


Law | 11 February 2021