Child Support Grant must be increased to reduce child poverty, review finds

Government could face court action for failing in its constitutional duty


News | 9 October 2023

Grant beneficiaries queue at ATMs as KZN post offices run out of cash

“In the 90s, the Post Office was reliable but now it seems as if everything is falling apart,” says KwaMashu pensioner


Brief | 5 October 2023

Some pensioners are still queuing for hours for their grants

But payments seem to be going more smoothly, at least in some places

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News | 4 October 2023

Postbank board axed over unlawful contracts

Over 600,000 beneficiaries were affected by last week’s system failure, Ministers confirm

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News | 14 September 2023

Here’s what caused the social grant payment “glitch”

Postbank’s legal dispute with “payment switch” software provider sheds light on ongoing technical troubles


News | 14 September 2023

Pensioners are still struggling to access grants, a week after “system glitch”

Black Sash says it’s been inundated with calls

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Brief | 12 September 2023

Social grants is one government system that must not fail

26-million people depend on it


GroundView | 11 September 2023

Makhanda without a post office since July

People from the town and surrounding areas are having to travel to Port Alfred


News | 8 September 2023

“System glitch” stalls social grant payments to pensioners

Postbank says problem has mostly been resolved

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News | 6 September 2023

R350 grant: SASSA in court over “unfair” exclusions

Agency accused of turning down too many applicants


News | 5 September 2023

Conditions for R350-a-month grant to be challenged in court

Department of Social Development is “deliberately excluding” eligible recipients of the Social Relief of Distress grant, says economist


News | 27 July 2023

Black Sash petitions social development minister to oversee SASSA

The civil society organisation lists numerous issues with social grant payments it says need to be addressed urgently


Brief | 14 June 2023

Long delays at Home Affairs mean refugees are missing out on social grants

Legal Resources Centre says these delays are “incredibly worrying”


News | 19 May 2023

Postbank introduces new cardless payment for social grants

But concern raised about how Postbank will handle these new payment methods


Brief | 26 April 2023

Grant recipients unable to renew their cards as expiry date looms

Social grant beneficiaries are worried they won’t be paid in two weeks

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News | 24 April 2023