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Water restored to Phoenix, but only for a few hours at night

eThekwini municipality blames delays to restore water to all affected communities this week on “unforeseen repairs”


News | 22 February 2024

Families stuck in transit camp as eThekwini housing project remains incomplete

They were relocated in 2019 to make way for the housing project. But their living conditions have deteriorated since then


Brief | 16 February 2024

Durban builds boreholes to relieve water crisis

“We were hoping that the borehole was going to pump water into our yards. The borehole is too far from my house”


Brief | 9 February 2024

Minister promises to restore water supply to Durban suburbs by 15 February

Head of the water department in eThekwini told to solely focus on resolving the water crisis by next week


Brief | 5 February 2024

DA calls for Parliamentary inquiry into eThekwini water crisis

“If eThekwini collapsed, so would Umngeni-Uthukela, threatening water security to the entire province of KwaZulu-Natal” says DA shadow minister


Brief | 31 January 2024

Durban families demand end to water crisis

EThekwini municipality promises that water will be restored to affected communities by 15 February


News | 30 January 2024

Durban community without running water for four years

DA calls for Human Rights Commission to investigate ongoing water crisis in eThekwini


News | 25 January 2024

Taps have been dry in this Durban community for more than a decade

“My daughter was a year old when I last saw water coming out of our taps. She will be 14 next month,” says frustrated Bester resident


Brief | 16 January 2024

Retrenched eThekwini workers shot at with rubber bullets while marching to ANC offices

The workers’ contracts under the public employment programme were terminated in October when the City ran out of funds


Brief | 11 January 2024

Pietermaritzburg shack dwellers have been relocated to flats. But some can’t afford the rent

And some residents expressed joy at living in a brick and mortar home


Brief | 27 November 2023

Protest by people left homeless by Durban fire

Human settlements MEC promised them building materials


Brief | 22 November 2023

Hundreds homeless after shack fire rips through Durban settlement

MEC for Human Settlements promises to fast-track assistance


Brief | 17 November 2023

Hundreds march to the City Hall in Durban demanding jobs

Retrenched Public Employment Programme (PEP) workers want to be reinstated by eThekwini municipality


Brief | 16 November 2023

Durban residents, dumped for 2010 world cup, protest

They were told in 2009 their temporary accommodation was only for six months


Brief | 13 November 2023

Protesters storm Durban City Hall

Presidential Employment Programme workers received SMSes on Sunday stating that the programme was suspended due to a lack of funds


Brief | 2 November 2023

Durban families have been living in this “transit camp” for 15 years, and now their homes are falling apart

They say eThekwini municipality promised that their stay would only be for 6 months, but they’re still there


News | 1 November 2023