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Fierce winds send Khayelitsha shacks flying

Chemical toilets toppled, roofs blown off


Photo Essay | 8 April 2024

Congolese march to Parliament to draw attention to war at home

A number of local organisations joined the protest


Brief | 18 March 2024

Blikkiesdorp community protest after years of waiting for houses

They say their structures are falling apart and the area has become unliveable


Brief | 8 March 2024

Khayelitsha families rebuild shacks after botched relocation

The voluntary move has now cost the shack dwellers money, materials, and belongings


News | 23 February 2024

Taxi operators stop City from relocating families in Khayelitsha

Ward councillor says the move is urgently needed in order to fix sewage pipes affecting the whole area


Brief | 19 February 2024

Rubbish piles up in growing Mfuleni settlements

More families moved onto land during Covid


News | 6 February 2024

Battle in Khayelitsha over occupied land

The Khayelitsha Community Trust plans to build a private hospital displacing informal settlement formed during Covid


News | 2 February 2024

Shack dwellers build makeshift speed bumps on ‘deadly’ road

At least two people died and three shacks were destroyed in a taxi accident on Old Faure Road near Mfuleni on Friday


News | 29 January 2024

Sinkholes open under Khayelitsha shacks, flooding homes with sewage

The whole of Khayelitsha is affected by a blocked sewer line, says City of Cape Town


News | 25 January 2024

Mandela Park shacks petrol-bombed

This is the latest in a series of attacks on this group of land occupiers since August


News | 21 November 2023

Shack dwellers want sand mining halted

They say the sand is damaging their shacks. The City of Cape Town says the affected households will only be relocated in 2024


News | 15 November 2023

Khayelitsha schools battle illegal electricity connections

Electricity theft has left Nomsa Maphongwana Primary School in Mandela Park with a Eskom bill of more than R167,880


News | 15 November 2023

Protection racket halts toilet cleaning in Khayelitsha

Service provider withdrew after threats at gunpoint and extortion attempts

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News | 9 November 2023

Fire victims sleep outside to protect their plots

“We sleep with our kids on our plots because we don’t want other residents to build their own shacks on them”


Brief | 3 November 2023

Two die and hundreds left homeless by Khayelitsha fire

Frustrated victims then occupied vacant land nearby


News | 30 October 2023

Backyarders demolish shacks in Cape Town

Violence and tensions between land occupiers and backyarders has been brewing for months in Khayelitsha


News | 26 October 2023