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Mandela Park shacks petrol-bombed

This is the latest in a series of attacks on this group of land occupiers since August


News | 21 November 2023

Shack dwellers want sand mining halted

They say the sand is damaging their shacks. The City of Cape Town says the affected households will only be relocated in 2024


News | 15 November 2023

Khayelitsha schools battle illegal electricity connections

Electricity theft has left Nomsa Maphongwana Primary School in Mandela Park with a Eskom bill of more than R167,880


News | 15 November 2023

Protection racket halts toilet cleaning in Khayelitsha

Service provider withdrew after threats at gunpoint and extortion attempts

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News | 9 November 2023

Fire victims sleep outside to protect their plots

“We sleep with our kids on our plots because we don’t want other residents to build their own shacks on them”


Brief | 3 November 2023

Two die and hundreds left homeless by Khayelitsha fire

Frustrated victims then occupied vacant land nearby


News | 30 October 2023

Backyarders demolish shacks in Cape Town

Violence and tensions between land occupiers and backyarders has been brewing for months in Khayelitsha


News | 26 October 2023

“I saw my shoes float on water and heard my cat meow”

Western Cape mops up after devastating floods

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News | 26 September 2023

Hundreds flee flooded homes as storms batter Western Cape

Man dies, apparently from electrocution

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News | 25 September 2023

Dunoon residents protest over long queues and poor service at local clinic

Western Cape health department says a mobile clinic for medical collections, disease screenings and family planning is in the pipeline


Brief | 22 September 2023

Sewage gushes out of drain in Khayelitsha

Shack dwellers say City of Cape Town is slow to respond to complaints


Brief | 21 September 2023

Tensions between residents of houses and shacks spill over into violence in Cape Town

Siyakhana shack dwellers accuse Mandela Park residents of attacking them


News | 5 September 2023

Cape Town households call for electricity tariffs to be reduced

City says NERSA’s 15% tariff recommendation would lead to a shortfall of R500-million for 2023/24


News | 28 August 2023

Canoeist brothers clean up Khayelitsha wetland

Hours spent every week removing invasive water hyacinth and rubbish


News | 24 August 2023

Housing activists march to President’s doorstep

The existing State Land Disposal Act could be used to fast track the use of public land for human settlement

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News | 23 August 2023

Families flee Cape Town informal settlements under threat

Nearby backyarders hope for houses, though the City of Cape Town says the land is “lost” for housing


News | 18 August 2023