Articles by Nokulunga Majola

Homeless people in lockdown complete computer training

Organisation says graduates can get typing jobs or work at an internet cafe

By Nokulunga Majola - 3 July 2020

Protesters against gender-based violence complain of being manhandled by police

Arrested demonstrators were crammed into vans and kept together in a cell for breaking Covid-19 regulations

By Nokulunga Majola - 2 July 2020

Taxis operating at full capacity

Some commuters and drivers say they fear for their safety but have no choice

By Nokulunga Majola - 30 June 2020

Taxis in KZN to defy lockdown regulations

Taxis plan to operate at full capacity from Monday

By Nokulunga Majola - 26 June 2020

Residents thank Covid-19 pandemic for sanitation

After 23 years using a pit latrine, community gets chemical toilets

By Nokulunga Majola - 19 June 2020

Transparent masks allow deaf people to lip-read

“Normal masks hide emotions”

By Nokulunga Majola - 19 June 2020

Durban fire leaves 150 people homeless and one dead

One of two serious shack fires in city in 24 hours

By Nokulunga Majola - 15 June 2020

Covid-19: Durban customers fed-up with bad hair days

Hairstylists find ways to work while salons are closed

By Nokulunga Majola - 15 June 2020

Shack dwellers’ vegetable co-operative funds new toilets, masks and sanitisers

Vegetable gardens have changed life in Durban informal settlement

By Nokulunga Majola - 4 June 2020

R92 million and six years later no electricity in Makhabeleni

Municipality says it needs another R15 million to complete project

By Nokulunga Majola - 29 May 2020
Photo of an informal settlement

Pressing need for food parcels in Durban

Hunger grows in Blackburn Village informal settlement’s 2,000 households

By Nokulunga Majola - 11 May 2020
Photo of houses on hill

Long wait for title deeds in Durban

Residents of Mount Moriah have been waiting more than ten years

By Nokulunga Majola - 7 May 2020
Photo of chemical toilets

Covid-19: “At least something good came out of this lockdown” says settlement resident

Mandeni informal settlement got six toilets and running water after 10 years of waiting

By Nokulunga Majola - 28 April 2020
Photo of informal settlement

Hours after agreeing not to demolish shacks, eThekwini municipality sends in Land Invasion Unit

No demolitions, but residents of Khenana informal settlement say they were threatened and harassed

By Nokulunga Majola - 28 April 2020
Photo of crowd with police

Covid-19: Residents protest as patients with coronavirus transferred to rural hospital

MEC calls for eradication of stigma against Covid-19 patients

By Nokulunga Majola - 23 April 2020
Photo of man in front of his demolished shack

Shacks demolished in Cato Manor

“We have every right to the land and even have a court interdict protecting us from demolitions” says resident

By Nokulunga Majola - 23 April 2020