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What does a ZEP holder need to claim UIF?

To apply for UIF as a foreign national, you need your passport and completed forms U1-28 and U1-19.

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What can I do if my employer hasn't submitted my provident fund claim forms and is avoiding me?

Send a registered letter to the Trustees of the Fund informing them of the matter.

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Should an employer pay their worker during the period before the disability benefit is paid out?

The employer is not obliged to retain an employee who is permanently incapacitated if her working circumstances cannot be adapted.

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How will doing consulting work for the company that retrenched me affect my UIF claim?

It depends how many hours you worked and whether you classify as a true independent contractor.

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I employ private carers. How do I pay their UIF?

If you are registered as an employer, your UIF is paid via SARS. Otherwise, you will need to pay directly to the UIF.

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Can my domestic worker claim UIF if I have reduced the number of days she works?

Yes, she should be able to claim under the β€œreduced working time option.”

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My domestic worker wants to claim UIF but I have never made a UIF payment. What do I do?

You can pay arrears to the UIF for the years you did not contribute.

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Can an asylum seeker claim unemployment insurance?

Yes, the courts have ruled that asylum seekers are entitled to claim UIF benefits.

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Can a person apply for a disability grant and claim from UIF at the same time?

You can receive UIF and a disability or maintenance grant at the same time, but not any other type of grant

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