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What does a ZEP holder need to claim UIF?

To apply for UIF as a foreign national, you need your passport and completed forms U1-28 and U1-19.

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Can my South African-born child register for matric with her passport if I am a ZEP holder?

Yes, her passport will be sufficient to register for matric.

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What do I do about Home Affairs not respondeding to my applications for an accompanying visa?

You'll need to get help from an organisation with experience in dealing with Home Affairs.

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What happens to ZEP holders' bank loans if they are forced to leave SA?

Usually a person's debts remain active if they leave the country, but it is unclear what will happen if they are forced to leave, as with ZEP holders.

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Will an immigrant with expired documents be arrested if they go to Home Affairs?

They might. It would be best to contact an organisation that specialises in immigration matters.

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How can Zimbabwean domestic workers stay in South Africa?

It will be difficult. as they may not qualify for other visas in the Immigration Act.

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Can I stay in SA after my ZEP expires if I have a South Africa-born child?

You need an alternative visa to stay in South Africa. If you can't get one, your child will probably have to go back to Zimbabwe with you.

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Why is it taking so long to transfer my Zimbabwean Exemption Permit to a new passport?

Home Affairs has been particularly inefficient since the Covid restrictions were implemented.

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Can Zimbabwean Exemption Permits be renewed yet?

Unfortunately, Home Affairs has not communicated what will happen when the ZEPs expire on 31 December 2021.

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