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Can NSFAS approve my application if I'm getting the SRD?

You need to contact NSFAS

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Can my wife’s employer refuse to retrench his staff during lockdown?

I don’t think your wife’s employer can be compelled to retrench his employees during the lockdown.

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My asylum seeker permit expired and now I don't qualify for UIF. What can I do?

Your permit is still considered valid if it expired on or after 15 March.

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How should matric 2020 learners without IDs apply to tertiary education institutions?

You can still apply for a temporary ID at Home Affairs.

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Do I qualify for the Covid-19 TERS if I was a permanent employee who paid UIF monthly?

Yes, but you can't apply for both social grants.

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Am I eligible for the Covid-19 relief grant if I receive a GEPF grant?

No, the new social grant is for people who receive no other form of income

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