Appeal court overturns cyber crime ruling

This is a clear message to verify bank account details before paying


Law | 10 June 2024

Further delay in Thabo Bester trial

Bester complains that his rights to a fair trial are being infringed

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News | 5 June 2024

Environmental activists win against Shell in appeal court

Shell still has one more shot at seismic exploration authorisation


Law | 3 June 2024

Electoral Court fines ANC, ATM, COPE, PAC, NFP and AIC

They failed to provide audited financial statements


Law | 13 May 2024

Student murdered while trying to be early for NSFAS queue

SRC blames the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein for slow service, forcing students to queue as early as 4am


Brief | 12 April 2024

Housing activists lose Tafelberg case

The Supreme Court of Appeal has ruled the sale of the site for private development was lawful


Law | 12 April 2024

Assaults on learners: Appeal court says tougher sanctions must apply to teachers

Two teachers were given an inappropriately small fine by the South African Council for Education and left to continue teaching


Law | 10 April 2024

At least 22 people arrested during student protests in Bloemfontein

Central University of Technology students blame NSFAS for delays in funding


Brief | 5 March 2024

Botshabelo protesters clash with police as they make “desperate plea” to authorities

Mayor Gregory Nthatisi to meet with community “soon”


Brief | 26 February 2024

SCA dismisses bid to appeal Zim permits ruling

Minister Motsoaledi wanted leave to appeal a ruling that declared the termination of the Zimbabwean permit programme unlawful, unconstitutional and invalid


Law | 23 February 2024

“Today is a waste of time” prosecutor in Thabo Bester case tells court

Pre-trial postponed to 5 June as many of the accused have replaced their lawyers

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News | 21 February 2024

SCA refuses to hear appeal by dodgy Lottery lawyer

The Legal Practice Council will now have to reconsider GroundUp’s complaint against Lesley Ramulifho


Law | 1 February 2024

One child dead and several people injured in Bloemfontein storm

Hundreds of people in Phase 6 location lost most of their belongings and now have to rebuild their homes


Brief | 8 December 2023

Free State shack dwellers march for land rights

They threatened to shut down the N8 Highway if the mayor ignores their demands


Brief | 4 December 2023

ANC liable for over R100-million for 2019 elections’ banners

Nine judges in three courts have now ruled that Ezulweni Investments had a binding contract with the ANC


Law | 24 November 2023

Hundreds of early childhood development sector workers march in Manguang

They are frustrated by “failures” in the Free State education system

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Brief | 23 November 2023