Thousands of children with disabilities are not receiving the Care Dependency Grant

And the R2,180 monthly amount is too little to cover the costs of caring for a child with disabilities


News | 23 May 2024

Universal Basic Income Grant: What should a payment system look like?

South Africa can learn from Brazil

Abby May, Zen Mathe and Michael Marchant for Open Secrets

Analysis | 13 May 2024

Universal Basic Income Grant: who will profit?

There are risks in using a private company to pay the grants

Abby May, Zen Mathe and Michael Marchant for Open Secrets

Analysis | 10 May 2024

Universal Basic Income Grant: who should run it?

The sad history of Net1 and the Post Office shows that this is an important question

Abby May, Zen Mathe and Michael Marchant for Open Secrets

Analysis | 8 May 2024

Traditional leaders fight to keep SASSA cash pay points open

But SASSA says it’s too late


News | 9 April 2024

Beneficiaries struggling with grants since SASSA closed Macassar office

“People are poor and cannot afford to travel far for services that should be here,” says resident


Brief | 8 April 2024

Mpumalanga pensioners furious that SASSA paypoint closed

Tribal authority promises to take up the issue


Brief | 26 March 2024

Budget: Social grants go up but not by much

Old age, war veterans, disability and care dependency grants up by R90 in April and another R10 from October


News | 21 February 2024

Increase tax on sugary drinks to fund an increase in social grants, say activists

Higher sugar tax would also save on health care


News | 21 February 2024

“It’s almost like they want you to give up”: desperate applicants queue at SASSA Eersteriver

Even those who slept at the offices are not sure to be served


Brief | 16 February 2024

Old Age Grant is not enough to cover care needs, researchers find

Pensioners often carry households at the expense of their own needs


News | 15 February 2024

Recipients blocked from getting R350 grant after fraudsters change their cell numbers

SASSA says the SRD grant has placed a massive burden on the agency and plans to implement new software to help prevent fraud


Brief | 16 January 2024

My children will go to school without shoes, says mother whose child grant has not been paid

SASSA says 150,000 grants have been suspended


News | 10 January 2024

Many child support grant recipients left without money for January

SASSA spokesperson denies there is a problem, but officials speaking anonymously say otherwise

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News | 9 January 2024

SASSA cash paypoints to be phased out by April 2024

Black Sash predicts “devastating” effect on grant recipients in rural areas


Brief | 12 December 2023

Black Sash film challenges SASSA’s closure of cash pay points in rural areas

But SASSA says it is inefficient and unsustainable to transport cash to a “handful of people”.


News | 30 November 2023